Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mom Handles Disasters as Well as FEMA...

So today was... shitty. I have been watching TV or on our laptop all day. My mom hasnt been sober for one second of it and mostly asleep and has been crying a lot.
I'm gonna talk to her tonight and straight up tell her that if she doesnt stop im going to leave her too and move to Utah. I will give her 1 day, but then she needs to wake the fuck up and do something productive.
I hate my life, but whatever. I havent heard or done anthing new today, and i may go live with another friend if my mom is still like this and decide what to do from there.
My godmother has been good support...
Love you all


  1. Good luck with whatever you choose, I know it'll be the best choice... just don't take anything rashly...

    seriousy, good luck ^^

  2. What a tragedy alcohol is for a family! You will just have to talk to her and see how things go. Then pick whatever option suits you best. It sounds to me like you need to get away and start your new life. I'm sorry you hate your life right now. It sounds justified. But you can make a better one. Look towards the future. Things will soon get better! You are in control of your own destiny. I wish you the best.

  3. Are you staying at a hotel, kid?? Has your mom looked for an apartment yet??
    Well, it sounds like you're safe, at least... bored, but, safe...You may need to give her some time, Anton... She's probably completely overcome by this... But, only you know what you can tolerate... If your Godmother will help, that's good... You have a safety net... Make sure that you eat properly, and get some sleep... Stress can wear your immune system down. You don't need any illness, right now... We're all keeping an eye on this, kid... luv, tman<3

  4. The longer this goes on, the better moving out sounds... but im not sure yet.
    We are in a hotel and tonight is our second night. We havent started looking at an appartmant yet, but hopefully i will soon.
    I have been sleeping plenty, but i do need to eat better, and eat more, but thats not entierly unusual...

  5. I hope your mom listens to your shape up message. If not, then off you go to Utah. No one should have to live like that, you deserve better. Hugs, and remember you have a wide network of friends and family, use them, yeah?

  6. Anton
    She has to snap out of it or you have to make a huge decision. I can understand why you want to stay and help her, it's natural, but you can't sacrifice yourself and your future here.

    It's time to put Anton first.

    Lots of love

  7. Anton... I'm heading off to work, but, thought I'd stop by to say hi and make a suggestion... Before your mom wakes up, dump the booze, if you can, and maybe get some breakfast together... Hopefully, she can get her act together, today... What's your Godmother saying about you coming to stay for a bit?? Are there work opportunities where she lives? I certainly hope that today will be easier... Make sure you get your meals on time- don't wear yourself down by not eating. Try to be positive about things, as much as you can!! luv, tman<3{{HUGS}}

  8. Is there anyone else in the family who would help your mum?

    Maybe that could give you some more choices. Sure, I understand that you're so very reluctant to leave her alone - you never know for certain what she'll do.

  9. hey guys.
    So my mom sobered up for the better part of today and we started looking for appartments.
    My godmother actually wants me to live with her and has the recources to pay out-of state tuition for me at the university of utah.
    We are starting to inform some family and my dads sister may actually come live with us...
    and i did have a big lunch so i do have some fod in my tummy.
    I am still willing to leave though if i need to.

  10. Your Godmother sounds like the best bet to me, especially being able to pay for school.

  11. Whew!! Sounds like the ball is rolling in the right direction!! You know Anton, Utah does sound good... a break from the dysfunction, etc... How would you feel about leaving?? I guess most of your friends will be heading off to different places for college, anyways... A new environment could be the ticket, no?? I guess I'm asking, because you seem a little reticent about it...Or, is that just my imagination, in overdrive, again?? lol I'm glad you're eating and mom is more aware of her responsibilities now!! Keep your thoughts, good, kid!! luv, tman<3