Monday, February 21, 2011


Hey! So yeah, I couldn't thinnk of a post title, hence ^ that. This weekend has been one of the most boring ever. Well, not really, but it has been kinda lame and I have had way too much time to myself.

Basically I did nothing productive, even the little but of homework i had, which I will have to do on the bus or in astronomy tomorrow. I did go to a party one night with Jordan and Sonia. It was pretty fun and full of moderately attractive gay boys and some straight girls. I mostly just sat around and talked to Sonia and occasionally some other people. There was a guy there who reminded me sooooo much of John. So it kinda disgusted me cuz i truly hate his guts, but it also brought up some old feelings. Anyways, that party ended, so we went to another, which seemed interesting, but Sonia was leaving and Jordan was super drunk (and ended up at someone else's house) so I left with Sonia and ended up getting home at about 4.
Then the night after I hung out with my friends for like 3 hours. But that has been the extent of all my social interactions for the past 4 days, which has been painfully little for me.

Also my parents are being annoying tits. When they are sober they are obnoxious as fuck, when they drinking they throw all our money away and fuck things up. There is NO middle ground that I can tolerate. I'd definitely rather have this then the drinking, but I still hate them both so much. In the middle of the week I was seriously considering moving to Las Cruses and just saying fuck it, which I may still do for next semester. I may also just try to rent a house here with Sam and Steph. IDK, but I hate being around these idiots.
Also, my moms short term disability that she is getting for her surgery is nearly a month late, so I gave her a $200 loan, and I am getting $300 back when the money gets here. And they are sending her more than she was expecting, so hopefully some more of that money will make it my way. I would LOVE to get a new car.

Um... I also really hate my hair. It is ridiculous and nasty and annoying and I want someone else's hair. Also I wanna get my 1st tattoo soon. I just cant decide if i want it on my right ankle, right fore are, right shoulder or one of my wrists. Also I kinda wanna get my lip pierced. I cant decide if i want spider bites or just my left side though... I need to be less indecisive. Hmm...

Well, I think thats it for now
Post again laters

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Weekend

SO I just got back from Las Cruses a few hours ago. In summary, Friday night was one of the best of my life, and made the whole trip unbelievably good. The drives there and back were pretty uneventful and I drove the whole way both ways, which I was fine with cuz my friends suck at driving.

We got there and we got settled with our newish friend, Nia and a totally new person who was kinda an obnoxious bitch, but tolerable. Then eventually Bri and Jess show up with Andy. After they got there we started blasting music and played with glow sticks and started doing some shit and having fun. Then we went to our 1st party of the night and we met some people who went to high school with us and stayed there for an hour or so. Then we went to a kegger where this cool band playing and a ton of people and stayed there for another hour or so, but only Steph and I were having a blast, but we met some other people there who were throwing there own party later which we went to after a quick return to their apartment. We spent about 6 hours at that last party and got kinda fucked up, but I ended up drinking far less than I would have expected. At that party there was this guy who had these gloves with flashing colored lights at the ends of these gloves and in the dark they provided an AWESOME light show. haha, and the same guy also gave a couple of us in the group fantastic back massage. We just chilled there for a few hours and various other things happened, but some areas are kinda fuzzy.

The next day everyone but me slept in till 2, i got up at and just watched TV. We saw some more old friends and met some new ones when they came over that afternoon and we played Wii and just chilled. That night we went to this frat party that was surprisingly small and kinda lame. Beer pong was fun though we lost. Then we sang happy birthday for the guy whose party it was, but one of his frat brothers cake slammed him really hard and busted a couple of his teeth. So that party died and we went back to the apartment and had our own chill party and had an early night, well, 2 am, which is early for there. This mornig we got breakfast and said a teary goodbye, but we have plans on going back in almost exactly a month when we will go to this amazing gay club in El Paso and more fun stuff. I cant wait. I miss those friends so much and I have such a good time when I'm down there with them.

I have been kinda pissy since I got home cuz I was so much happier there, but if I was there a lot longer I would have got annoyed being around so many people. I wanted to meet this one gay friend of theirs, but I never had the chance. Maybe next time. So tomorrow I will just get ready for school and whatever.

I have taken like 2 hours to work on this cuz I am watching the Grammys and I keep getting distracted.
Post again soon!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Going out of town

Hey guys. I just wanna give you a quick update, cuz I still have to pack. This weekend 2 of my friends and me are going to Las Cruses to see some of our old high school friends who go to school there. I am really excited.
This past week has been pretty good. We had Stephs 19th birthday party and I have just seen a bit of my friends and had school. I had my 1st test in Macroeconomics and I am pretty sure I aced it.
BORN THIS WAY by Lady Gaga premiers tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!
Um... thats all I can think of now. But I gotta go pack now, so I will update you all after I get back. Sorry, if its a but boring on here lately

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Land of Ice and Death

So the past 24 hours or so has been interesting.

Last night I met up with all my friends to go see The Rite and have a sleep over. First off, The Rite wasnt even scary and hardly interesting. Country Strong was much better. Then we say in a Mexican restaurant for like an hour from about 11 to midnight. We downloaded this really cool app on out phones though called Zombie Run. It tracks your gps location and it has zombies chase you and you have to run away. So we kinda played around with tat for a bit.

Then we went back to my friends and just hung out for a while. I got up at my usual time to go to school and I showered and all that. But New Mexico is having this insane cold spell, tonight we are getting well below 0, and the roads were super icy. But I decided to go to my other friend who i carpool with and 1/2 way there (its like a mile from one friends house to the other) I hear UNM is on a 2 hour delay, so I go back and get on Tumblr for 2 hours. Then about the time Im supposed to go in for the delay I decide to wane my friend up so she can lock up behind me. So after I start my car and almost fall on my face on the way there from the ice, I get a text message from UNM saying it has been canceled, so I go back in and try to sleep, cuz I couldn't really last night, but that didn't happen.

SO we kinda get ready and by that time the roads are clear and we go get breakfast and do a bit of shopping and all of us are in super mean bitchy moods, which made for interesting conversations. We then go and hang out some more and play a game we made last year, which was pretty fun.

By about 6 the streets were really icy and terrifying. A lot of them are now closed and it took about 40 minutes to drive the 10 or 15 miles to my house. I say so many cops and wrecks, it was exciting and terrifying all at once.

Oh, and my stupid school district that I graduated from last year was the only one in the metro area to not close and from what I heard there was over $50,000 in damage done to student and staff cars from the horrible conditions. I do not miss that place at times like these.

I am loving having alone time at home to just be with myself, I have been with people for so long :P My friend is trying to convince me to add this one bi boy of facebook that she thinks would get along well with me, but idk... it seems weird.

So yeah, I though I would share my interesting day.