Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today... =/

Moms been a bit insane today and unable of any logical thought. Its pissing me off, so I have been making all our decisions today.
We left he hotel and we were gonna stay with one of her friends, but they werent there so i convinced her to come stay at my friends house. She wanted to go to another hotel, and I was like "We have dozens of people willing to help us and we are pretty fucking broke. We are not spending money on a place to stay when people are offering us plenty of places." so she shut up and listined to me. =)

My friends parents are being really cool, and my mom keeps acting weird and annoying me, but Im with a friend, so Im pretty happy. We also have a house in a great location that were thinking about renting, but im not sure if we will yet, its a wee bit expensive.

Thats about it i suppose


  1. Keep plugging away. Right now it's all about survival. I hope your friend will continue to help you out. I am sorry you are having to go through this. I hope your mother will become rational again.

  2. Hey kiddo... You sound determined, like a young man should be...It's OK to take the reins and make some decisions while your mom is still fragile... I suspect that this is probably the worst thing that she has ever gone through, and it's probably sinking in, that it's a life altering event for her... I know she has issues, but, maybe all this will wake her up to the possibilities of an altered life, and give her the distance she needs, to understand the mistakes she's made as well.
    In the meantime, calm persistence, on your part, is very valuable and helpful, to both of you. You are a smart kid, with good instincts, Anton; keep your wits about you, and this will all work out- for the better... luv, tman<3<3<3hugs2!!

  3. once again: Good luck with all the desitions you're making, and remember that every rough patch only makes you stronger :D

  4. I'm sorry your mom cant be there for you right now. It sounds like she is completely overwhelmed and has kinda shut down. Let her decompress for a few days, and if she is still sober she should be ok. Have you given any thought to getting a lawyer? Because your dad still has to provide for you, even if you dont live with him any longer. Give you mom a nudge when she comes back to her normal self to find herself a lawyer and get some things settled.

    You can do this! You are stronger than you think!

  5. Hi there, Anton

    I think everyone else here has already said all the things I was going to. Nevertheless...

    I think you're doing an amazing job of coping with a dreadful situation, and getting on with rebuilding your life. I'm not surprised that you're having to do the decision-making at the moment, and I rather think that your mom will eventually be very grateful for it.

    I hope things keep getting better!



  6. Anton,
    As the others have said what you are going through now is temporary, but must be dealt with now.

    What I wish to add is a question, When you are 24 years old what will your life look and feel like?

    Begin today telling yourself daily what you will have achieved.

    something like:
    It is my 24th birthday and my love and I are taking a week long trip to a spa/resort in San Diego. I am debt free, except for education loans and have 6 months of income in my money market account.

    Crazy as this may sound to you,
    change it to fit you,
    then say it every day to yourself,
    ever day you until you have it memorized,
    every day and believe it will happen.

    love and light, Steve