Wednesday, June 30, 2010

College Orientation

So orientation took so much energy out of me, but it was fun! Night before it started I got 4 hours of sleep, and the the stay over I only got 5, so I'm quite tired now. We kept really busy!
First day was terrifying, even if I went with 2 friends. It was so new and confusing. We spent several hours in lectures about school policy and things we need to know for our time there. Most of those were pretty boring, but some were really interesting. We also had lots of skits done by the orientation leaders concerning stuff we need to know... they were pretty stupid, but kinda funny. These 2 alumni guys came in and did some improv for us, which was pretty fun. We also had a lady come in to talk about stereotyping and prejudice. We did this activity at the end of her intriguing lecture where we had a specific group of people, and in small groups we had to come up with every negative word we could think of associated with that group. Then we hung them up and went through and crossed off the ones that we thought shouldn't be associated with the groups based on meaning behind the word/appropriateness of it. My group happened to be Gay and Lesbian, so it was interesting when I told everyone in our small group I was gay. That evening we had a social that was incredibly lame...
Day 2 (today) was mostly lectures and a tour of UNM. I met some cool people there. There was one cuteish gay boy, and at check out there was this really cool girl that my friend and I were chatting too. The whole experience was really good, and totally got me excited for college and helped with some of my fears.
I also got registered for 4 classes, all with a friend, and I will sign up for one more soon.

When I got home the house was a bit of a mess and my mom was passed out drunk in the guest bed (where she still is). She got really mad at me last night because she didn't remember it was an over night trip. I'm gonna write her a letter to make my point, because I thought the drinking was over, again,and I'm just gonna tell her this is it and I'm probably leaving to live downtown when school starts and that she has lost all of my respect. Should be fun... but after I move out I don't plan on having much of a relationship with either parent. I have been making some limited small talk with my dad... I don't like it.

Good news is that I leave in 6 days!


  1. I'm glad orientation was a positive experience for you. I think you will enjoy college. It will be a big change for you and help get your mind off the negative things in your life now.

    I'm sorry your mom hasn't been able to reform. Sometimes we just can't change things we would like to.

  2. Thanks, haha, and yeah, her latest bout or stupidity has got my dad drinking a bit more, but hopefully he will keep it under control like he has been... im not hopeful. I made demands in my letter that they both join alcoholics anomymous by the time i get back or I'm moving out. I'll make sure she gets it at a time when she is somewhat sober...

  3. hey, Anton... Sounds like a really good day, till the 'mom' stuff... Well, just concentrate on the positive in your life- you can't change your mom's drinking if she won't buy into the whole change thing, herself...
    It's really beyond your 'paygrade', anyways... Your best bet, is to take care of yourself, and, move ahead with your own life, learning the lessons of your mom and dad's problems.

    College boy... I like the sounds of it!! Good for you!! luv, tman<3 hugs2!!

  4. Hi there, Anton

    I'm really glad that college orientation got you so excited: being so positive about it is a good way to start your university experience. Best of luck with your time there!

    And then you came home, and found things in the state you describe :-(
    I am so sorry: life shouldn't have to be like this, but I guess there's not much you can do to change your parents. It sounds like moving out may well be the best move for you.