Monday, June 14, 2010

6 Months, 100 Posts, 100 Things About Me!

HELLO!!! So 6 month ago to the day I started Anton’s Haus, and I'm really happy with where it stands in the world of gay blogs. This is also my 100th post! So to celebrate I will do the typical '100 Things About Me' thing that a lot of bloggers do and just tell you things that you may know already, or may not, and some things I feel or think and whatever... so yeah, enjoy!

1. Anton is my middle name
2. My dad and my grandfather have the same names, so I’m a “the 3rd”
3. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah
4. I lived in Fitchburg, Wisconsin for 2 years
5. I lived in Grand Junction, Colorado for 3 years
6. I have lived in New Mexico for 5 years this August
7. I am an only child, and I can’t decide if I like it or not
8. I am a devout Atheist
9. I figured out I am gay last October
10. There are very few girls I would go straight for, but there are a few… I still consider myself gay though, just not as gay as some
11. I have gone to 3rd base with a girl, but only 1st with a boy
12. I have fallen ‘in love’ multiple times with my friend John, but I am currently moving on, although I would go for him if he asked
13. I also like a (probably) straight boy named Luis
14. I like younger guys
15. I typically, but not exclusively, like white boys
16. I’m short, only 5’ 7”
17. I weigh about 125 pounds, so I’m quite skinny
18. I want to build some more muscle and start doing more physical activities
19. I dislike my body/face/hair
20. I can’t sing
21. I named my blog in honer of "Haus of Gaga"
22. History is my favorite core subject in school
23. I have greatly considered teaching for a career
24. I have also considered politics
25. I’m a Democrat, although I still need to register to vote
26. I don’t do school sports
27. I have severe self-esteem issues
28. I mask it by projecting a big ego
29. I keep most things I think t myself
30. My group of friends in New Mexico is mostly me and 4 girls, plus some other people who aren’t quite as close as us 5
31. The person who I’d consider my best friend lives in Utah, we have met in person once to see a movie with IttyK and her sister
32. I had 2 (unofficial) godmothers who were lesbian partners
33. One of them died on February 28, 2008, but I’m still close to the other
34. I graduated high school with a 3.73 GPA
35. I love to travel
36. I have been to Thailand and the Dominican Republic
37. I was also in Puerto Rico and Japan for a few hours each
38. I really really wanna visit and maybe live in Europe
39. I’m part Czech, Swiss, Norwegian, German and British
40. I have a dog, 3 large tortoises, 7 box turtles, 1 baby box turtle and a Tokay gecko
41. I LOVE Lady Gaga… if she asked me to kill myself, I’d happily do it without hesitation
42. I don’t really care how long I live, to me it’s all the same in the end
43. I have a mud hut that I made with Luis and Noelle (form Dark Orchid)
44. I was drug/alcohol free up until my last semester in high school, besides a few drinks in Thailand
45. The first big concert I went to was Green Day
46.I am going to the University of New Mexico this fall, if everything goes according to plan
47. I drive an Audi 100
48. I have never been pulled over… although I almost was a few days ago
49. I have been to about 20 states
50. I want to either live in Northern Europe (probably England) the Pacific Northwest, New England or Canada
51. I would also consider living in Louisiana, Georgia, Florida or somewhere close to the equator in the Americas or Asia
52. I dislike at least 80% of my extended family
53. Friends have always meant more to me than family
54. I don’t have faith in relationships
55. I was in a 2 ½ year relationship with a girl in middle school until I moved
56. I have 210 Facebook friends
57. My favorite liquor is Brandy
58. I Like typical ‘gay’ fruity drinks more than liquor
59. I like to read, but I don’t do it very often
60. I LOVE the rain and clouds and cool and humid places
61. I don’t have a job, but I will get one soon
62. This summer I am traveling to Washington D.C. and Utah
63. Balloono is my favorite online game… play it!
64. I suck at most things I enjoy doing
65. I don’t usually give people second chances
66. There is a good chance I’d chose to be on the bad side if there was an epic battle of good and evil
67. I love to shop!
68. …Except for shoe shopping
69. I was born on June 8th, 1992
70. I don’t like either of my parents, and loathe my dad above anyone else
71. I have 895 songs on my iPod
72. I have terrible handwriting
73. I have terrible grammar and spelling
74. I like to write
75. I’m pretty good at talking in front of lots of people
76. I can’t speak any other languages fluently, but I can understand some Spanish from living in New Mexico and I have taken French and Chinese
77. I have terrible joints that I inherited from my mom
78. I have never broken a bone or had a real surgery
79. I need to get my wisdom teeth out soon
80. There is very little I like about myself
81. I’d give anything to live someone else’s life
82. I’d also settle for starting over on mine
83. I have a sword collection… idk why, I don’t really like them
84. I don’t have a favorite food
85. Black and white are my favorite colors, but I really like most of them… except orange
86. Glee is my favorite TV show
87. My IQ is 138
88. I like photography, but suck at it
89. I regret most of my decisions I make/have made in my life
90. I’m really logical
91. I’m generally apathetic
92. I like hiking
93. Burger King and Taco Bell are my favorite fast food restaurants
94. I like going to fancy places and acting like I belong there
95. Eating out is one of my favorite things
96. I want a boy friend, but at the same time I kinda don’t
97. I used to play the violin
98. The longest I have stayed up for at once is 56 hours
99. I have been on the radio, had a news paper article written about me, seen Barack Obama twice, met the governor of New Mexico, 2 congressmen, a 3rd party presidential candidate (Bob Barr) some musician my parents like (I can’t remember his name) and the lead singers for Thriving Ivory and Company of Thieves. And maybe some other people… IDK
100. I want a cat

Haha, so there you have it! I will do this every 100 posts, so… yeah!
Have a good day/night


  1. You are definitely a unique and special person.

    You WILL find your rightful place in the world.

  2. Good Gravy, Batman!! ( or was it Superman?? IDK...) Well, there are some things here that I didn't know, but, kind of suspected, but, one common denominator that rings thru, and maybe can be of comfort to you- EVERYONE makes mistakes, growing up.... hell, lots of people spend a lot of their lives, making mistakes.... The nice thing is- every day that you wake up is a free do-over, at least in my mind!!!! I've always believed that there is no such thing as perfection, if you're talking about human beings, so, that gives us a lot of slack to make mistakes... the real question becomes- do you care enough to try to do better, and learn from your mistakes??
    To me, that is the mark of a real man... One that gets up, even after he's knocked down, and refuses to give up, until his time is done on this earth...I also believe that it is arrogant to believe that the whole universe was created by mistake.... that there is no such thing as a supreme being.... There were times in my life, where I had deep doubts about my faith, but, ultimately decided that there is no good explanation for our existence other than a belief system that includes God... That has helped me to weather some severe torments in my life and skepticism about life in general, since I have always been a very analytical type of person... I advise you, dear boy, to keep your heart open to the possibility of God, as you wind your way through this life... You might reach a different conclusion, some day, after all is said and done... luv, tman<3

  3. Anton you make me laugh!

  4. Anton, let me re-phrase part of my comment, please... I phrased it poorly in that, when I spoke about the belief or non- belief in a God, I was talking about my own experience, and arrogance, at one point in my life, that led me to question my faith... I really don't know much about your thought process, or why you reached the conclusions that you have... I would be interested in knowing that... luv, tman<3

  5. I will elaborate on my views of religion some time in the near future!!

  6. That's awesome.

    If I'd realised it was such a momentous day I'd have baked you a cake.

    Beware religion - I and others are quite likely to agree! ! And if we do that then other others won't! (8 applies)

    I'm really glad you have a dog because it means you must be OK really and I'm really glad, on behalf of everyone close to you, that you no longer play the violin.

  7. "64. I suck at most things I enjoy doing" - Is this a literal statement Anton?

  8. :) haha i get what you mean now... haha maybe. if you know what i'm talking about.

  9. Yes, i know what you are talking about... haha

    And 64 is a literal statement, but, i dont let my lack of talent stop me from doing things I like, nor does it apply to EVERYTHING, just a majority.

    And Micky, thank you for the willingness to make me a cake, even if I cant have it! haha
    And I do think quitting the violin was a good idea...

  10. Ahhh you should definitely move to England! It's great!! Almost as good as that time I took up volleyball... But nice list nonetheless the you remind me of an older version of me... or maybe the same age... perhaps a little younger...
    Anyway, this has been Jack bringing you even more mindless completely not understable crap, thank you and goodnight!

  11. Thank you very much for all those interesting facts. I enjoyed reading each of them and I could relate to a lot of them.