Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My 1st Day Being a 'Legal' Adult

Hey guys!!!
My birthday was good!! One of the best I had in a long time actually. The night before i actually turned 18, my friends threw me a party! It was small, but really sweet. I had cupcakes and balloons and all sorts of nice stuff. I got $40 from them and Jordan got me an awesome Lady Gaga poster and one that was supposed to be Glee, but was actually Cars, it was just the same color so he got the wrong one. I think its really funny and intend to keep it!
John was there and we had some really really good conversations. I discovered how much more I like him than Jordan, but I still wont let myself fall for him again. I could, but i wont.
I got pretty high at my party, 2 friends got drunk and one stayed sober. We walked around and listened to music and played with a black light and a star machine that projects laser stars on the ceiling. We also went on an adventure to a park and i got really confused, but had fun. I really needed it! Although I thought I was gonna get a lot more messed up. Its pretty good I didnt

I think I'm planing on going home on Friday finally, and I will just isolate myself from my parents. I have imposed on my friends for too long. Luis and his family want to take me out and have a good time Saturday, and I'm super excited for that!!! John also thinks he could be gay...

I have had a LOT to think about with the conversations I have been having with one of my closest friends. Its somewhat agonizing cuz she wont tell me this thing she is trying to keep and I really really wanna know, but I am still not mad like I would be with other people. I guess its true friendship, which i don't experience with lots of people cuz I'm just a cold person.

I love you lots


  1. Welcome to adulthood. I'm glad you survived your party and had fun too. I hope you can tolerate the home situation for as long as you need to. Good luck on that.

  2. Happy Birthday! Again! LOL

    Keep safe and know that you are not a powerless child any longer. You deserve to be treated well, and with respect. Force the issue if need be, and if you make a threat, be sure that you can follow it through. Idle threats will appear to make your powerless, not the image you want to project.

  3. Hey Anton!

    Just glad to know that your 18th was a good night.

    Good luck with everything and don't give in, you have the right to be treated with respect.


  4. Anton, dear boy... err... or should I say, man?? Naww.... you're still a kid to me!! I hope you don't mind... Now, then, I was going to say something like WOOO!! I'm so happy to see you feeling good about life!! And, I guess that still applies and all, BUT, I was struck by the last line in your post body- ... cuz I'm just a cold person.... WHAT is that all about??? I don't get it!! Maybe I'm dense or something, but, that's about the last thing that I would consider you... cold. I hope you were joking...

    On another topic- going home... Have you talked to your dad yet?? Is he really going through with the things that he told your mom?? If he's not, it's going to be real hard to just ignore him, IMHO... The time to iron these things out, is before you commit to living there again... Well, you're a smart kid.. I hope you take care of yourself!! I'll keep you in my prayers... luv, tman<3

  5. You aren't cold... If anyone is cold, it would be me. So, don't even think that. I love you, and I'm sorry for so ridiculous and unreasonable... You just have to be patient with me... Remember, I'm just a stupid kid. :)
    I love you :)

  6. The whole reason of waiting till friday is to make sure he stays sober. If he wasnt making an effort my mom would leave, so i think I'm safe to go back for a while.
    And I am cold. I think and sometimes say really hateful or mean things and I'm selfish and I usually dont care if I hurt someone, unless they are really sweet. I just may seem nice, but I'm really not.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone!!!