Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Penguins"

... That was the drunk thought that a friend came up with the other night to describe our group. Now, this October probably we are all gonna go together and get tattoos incorporating penguins. I'm excited!!! haha, and no, I wasn't drunk that night, we just stoped by and hung out with our friends that were drunk.

Speaking of alcohol, John got drunk for the 1st time a few days ago, and he confirmed what I had always suspected, he is a very sexual drunk!! His parents also gave hin the okay to party with us, so we will be having a mud hut party soon, and we'll see where things go. ;)
And I'm not sure about Ethan; he left a couple days ago and I didn't really get to see him. We are still talking and stuff, but I'm pretty sure this isn't what I want. Hes sweet and everything, but I have no faith or really much interest in relationships at this point in my life, especially a long distance one. Maybe we will get together or just hook up when he gets back, but I'm keeping my options very open, especially with John. No one has ever compared to John for me.

I have also spent a bit of time with Luis, and were gonna go on a hike soon, hopefully just the 2 of us, and with out his little brother or anything, so we can talk about stuff we want to...

My mom stayed a total of 2 nights in the hospital and she feels good about all the stuff that they found.

That's about it for now. Its been kinda slow around here for the past few days

P.s. Dear IttyK,
I'm sorry for going through things that you are fortunate enough to not fully understand. I'm sorry if you don't understand my thought process. I'm sorry for feeling human emotion. I'm sorry I had to be sad that Ethan had to leave. I'm sorry you misinterpret exactly how I feel. I'm sorry if my simply being human hurts you. I'm sorry if my trying to help you hurt you. I'm sorry if you don't see how much I care.

Any who... I love this song, and for me it kinda refers to any of the 3 boys I like now, and my bestie in Utah who first posted this song. I Luvs y'all


  1. Give a lot of thought to the tattoo idea. It's pretty much a permanent thing. How can you know that 10, 20, 30 years from now you will still want to be living with that mark on your body? I hate the idea of doing something you can't change your mind about later.

  2. I have already thought about them a lot and Im going to get at least 3 small ones

  3. sounds like you get to relax for a bit and thats always needed Love<~Peter~>

  4. Slow is good, Anton... Hey, on the tattoo thing--- personally, I hate 'em... I love the unmarked human body... it's natural state... but, it's your body, and, I guess they have all those laser removal treatments that you can pay like 3 grand for, later on, when penguins don't look cool anymore, so, go for it!! lol Ouch!!
    How is John a sexual drunk, by the way?? Does he lose control?? I'm sure that you wouldn't think of taking advantage of a drunk person, right?? Well, the mud hut parties sounded pretty cool before, but now I'm wondering why John's parents were reluctant to have him participate... Tell me it ain't so, Joe!! luv, tman<3

  5. Cultural difference question:

    What's a mud hut party?

    I don't think we have them in England, do we?

  6. John parents just havent started letting him out till recently for their own reasons, and they know about last time he got drunk, and said if he does again to please do it with us, cuz they know we will take care of him when other people wouldnt. And of course im not taking advantage of him. He just said he was asking everyone to take off their shirts and stuff. Most I'd wanna do with him anyways is make out, out of respect for our group.

    @ Micky, I'm quite sure they dont have them in England, or probably anywhere else in the US.
    Here is the link to a post i did ages ago about it.
    Most people cant get the pictures, but I will re-post them sometime in the future, but the decription will give you a general idea of what it is...
    Its just our club house that we have our little parties in

  7. Well, now kid, I figured as much, but, thanks for clarifying that... it kind of looked funny, at 1st read!! lol luv, tman<3