Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Taking Turns

Hey guys!
So yesterday was kinda my birthday celebration wit my neighbors (Luis, his sister and younger brother). We went to see Prince of Persia; it was good! Then we got pizza and doughnuts. Then we had a mud hut sleep out (alcohol-free. They aren't drinkers, and I never had my opportunity to ask Luis alone if he wanted to) and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was also good for me cuz Luis likes to cuddle a bit when he sleeps, and I was right there. =) Also, I discovered that he has an amazing 6 pack. He is so fucking hot... even if I don't really have a shot with him... HOT DAMN!

Today I think I will be spending time with them again, unless there worthless father makes them do something pointless. I like their dad about as much as mine.

Now, on to my parents. My dad has been pretty good as far as I know. Mother, on the other hand has been hitting the booze pretty hard. I have already Left her a note telling her to "Grow the fuck up" and that my dad doesn't have a chance to stay sober if she keeps drinking. Today she was too drunk to go to work, so I'm going to tell her I'm moving out permanently for college (which I may or may not really do, IDK yet) and probably go stay with a friend till she gets her shit together. I HATE BOTH MY PARENTS SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Thats about it I guess...


  1. Hey kid... She still hasn't got the point of everything you went through, huh??

    Did your dad, by any chance, enroll in 'AA' ?? What's the chance of your mom doing that??

    If she's so drunk that she can't work, it seems like she's reached critical mass, and you're right... It makes it way tougher for your dad to stay sober...

    I'm glad you're surrounding yourself with good friends... That, is a really good strategy!! It's always nice to share the warmth and touch of people who care, even if it's purely platonic... Luis sounds like a real comfort... very sweet... Well, Anton, you can only do so much... The most important thing is to look after yourself- I'm glad you're resisting the booze!! It tends to magnify situations... If you're a little sad, it can make you sadder... Right now, you seem to be on top of things. Keep working at it!! love you!! tman<3

  2. When it comes to Luis

    I think there's hope! (: