Friday, June 18, 2010


So I convinced my mom to dump her booze for the "sake of my dad." Things are still pretty tense between us... but I'm moving on with my life. My aunt also offered to come out from Cali to get me and take me back to live with them. I have really good support through all of this...

I am also having a mud hut party tonight with most the usual people, plus some new ones; including Jordan's new boy friend, who seems pretty cool, from the little interaction I have had with him.
John is also coming over. Maybe. I think the only way I will really drink at all tonight is if he can stay over and does himself. In that case I'd put my money on us at least making out... IDK, he seems like a slutty drunk. lol. But I doubt he will even come over, let alone be able to stay, his parents are too strict.

There are also new prospects with a new boy! I'd bet there is like a 5% chance of ANYTHING happening, but it actually made me excited. Anyways, this came about from talking to this one girl on that game, Balloono, that I have mentioned a few times. Her boy friend is in the navy and met this one guy who lives in my city of all god damn places in the world! Hes 18 and gay and she said she will get me his e-mail so I can kinda start talking to him, and maybe set up a date or something. I am not even hopeful I will get his e-mail, let alone that he will be responsive, or interested, but its something new, which I haven had in a LONG time. I will keep you updated IF anything happens, which I doubt, so I probably wont end up mentioning him again. =)

That's about it...
Talk to you soon!


  1. I hope your Mom will do what she says about the booze.

    Great offer from the Aunt. It's nice to have an escape route if you need it.

    I hope you have a good time at the mud hut party. Please do try to avoid the booze and any other intoxicants. Remember your Mom and Dad.

    Good luck on the new contact. It sounds like a long shot, but who knows?

  2. Anton
    I hope your Mum can carry this through, it's an important step for everyone.

    It's good to know that you've got support through your extended family, you shouldn't have to deal with something this big on your own.

    Take care and good luck with the new contact, even if it's a long shot it's worth a go.


  3. Hey kid... Looks like things are looking up!! I hope your mom is serious!! Did she finally have some kind of catharsis, or did a big rock fall out of the sky and bean her?? Well, I'm for whatever makes it happen!!
    Someday, I'd love to see a picture of your mud hut... I've got this mental picture that is probably wrong... At any rate, have fun, Anton, and try to keep away from the booze... You and John should figure out a decent excuse for him staying over... like, his car overheated and the fan belt fell off- easier to fix in the morning, etc... lol That's assuming that he wants to stay... How old is he, anyways?? He needs his parent's permission to hang with his buddies?? hmmm...
    I'm also heartened to hear that the rest of your family is stepping up, to support you!! Nice!! I'll worry less, when you feel secure again... Well, time to check out the ballgame... long day... long weekend ahead with the Father's Day picnic to plan... luv, tman <3 hugs2