Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Gots Mah Hair Did!!

I'm so happy with my hair! It looks really cool! Which it better cuz including the cut last week, i spent about $175 on it!

Here is a kinda close up...

And here is me failing at my attempts to be cute...

Haha, I got hi lights through out, low lights in the bangs, and the tips of my bangs darkened.. it took like 2 hours, but it was pretty fun.

Dad went to work today, which was a shocker, cuz he got pretty drunk last night. I left him a note for when he gets home thanking him for not going totally over board, cuz he needs the positive reinforcement.
My moms sobered up quite a bit today after reading my letter, so hopefully it will get her in her place till I can find someone good to move into an apartment with.

Now imma go shopping with some friends and then have a mud hut party tonight, probably without John, but a boy can hope...


  1. Anton

    Looking good!

    Pretty cool stuff with your Dad as well, positive reinforcement is really important if he's honestly trying to sort himself out. Just hope your Mum can get a grip as well.

    Take care of yourself


  2. I think your hair does look interesting, neat I guess, but I'm an old person and I don't keep up with these newer styles. And the thought of spending $175 to get hair done absolutely sends me into shock! I get my hair cut about once a month at a small, rural barber shop for a cost of $6. That's my kind of haircut.

    I hope your notes to your parents do make them think about themselves and help them change their ways. But don't hold your breath. There is only so much you can do. It's probably best if you can get away from the situation, at least for a while.

  3. $175!!!!!! Wow, I can have my truck towed from the next state for that much money!!!! lol Still, what do I know?? The last time I spent a lot of money on my hair, I had my 1st and last 'permanent', in an attempt to get the longish hair off my scalp... What a disaster!! The hairdresser, a girl named 'Cookie', who had a height- impaired boyfriend, (is that the politically correct version? IDK..), left the solution in my hair too long, while she told me how her boyfriend would go to the local mall and pretend to be a little boy, with a 'zipper problem'... He would wait till an unsuspecting lady approached and tried to help him get his zipper down ( he pretended to need to pee, supposedly), and when she did, out would pop this big, hairy.... well, you get the idea!! I kid you not!! That was the story this airhead was telling me, while my scalp fried with all the chemicals ... The result- by the time she realized her mistake, I had pipe- curls, like an overgrown version of Tom Sawyer, and I ended up wearing a baseball cap, for the next 2 months... The guys that worked for me never let me forget about it, or the story, so, that 75 bucks went a LONG way!!! lol... So, Anton, what do I know?? Are you happy?? GOOD!! That's all that counts!! ; P I now spend $26/month ( I tip well) for the shorter version of that- kind of a modified flat top, that I like, and have worn for the last 15 years... My hair is easy to take care of- out of the shower- ready, more or less!! Have fun, kid!! luv, tman<3

  4. You are so cute, and that hairstyle suits you great, look AMAZING!

    I wish for everything to improve at home, oh, and that you had a good time shopping :)


  5. Hi Anton: I'm not sure why but when i first saw ur new haircut it reminded me of neapolitan ice cream. LOL I *heart* neapolitan ice cream
    especially the chocolate and vanilla mixed together. OMG its good!

  6. Hey looking cute and $175???????????
    WOW I would NEVER spend that much on my hair lol well I still like it
    Take Care