Saturday, May 1, 2010

It feels like Sunday...

Hey, sorry again for my failure to post in forever.

My excuse is that I have been working on thesis shit for the past week, basically non-stop. It had completely killed my motivation to do anything else. But I totally kicked ass on it! I have always been pretty good at presenting in front of people, and this time was one of my best, probably cuz I knew the subject so well. I made my teacher start cracking up at one point, convinced a republican bitch that a public health insurance option is the way to go and after class my teacher shook my hand and told my how well I did. It went really well!

I only have 6 more school days! It’s quite terrifying to be honest. I feel extremely stressed and I just wanna go on a hike in the mountains and never come back!

I am planning on going to another prom. PFLAG is having a gay prom in May and I am planning on going with a big group of gays from my school, including John. I’m totally done trying to make things happen with him and I’m not even going to go with a date, unless someone asks me. I am somewhat interested in Jordan however. He was kinda the "gay of the group" before I started hanging out with my friends. He moved to Texas and I've only met him a couple of times. Last time I saw him he had a boy friend, but since then they broke up, so... we'll see where things go... He will be in town soon, and will be here for gay prom.

On top of that I watched Sherlock Holmes last night with my gorgeous straight neighbor, it was very enjoyable! I kinda view my relationship with him as being similar to Kurt and Finn, for those of you who watch Glee. The only difference is he doesn’t know that I’m gay/interested in him, and I’m not at all gorgeous like Kurt... but I’m still not 100% sure my neighbor is totally straight.

April went by unbelievably fast!!!
Have a good day


  1. Yeah the months are going by fast aren't they?

    Ooo nice job on the project glad you did well

    Glad you are getting over the guy and hope the gay prom coming up goes well

  2. Hello =)
    I've not commented before but I noticed that you've been following my blog (thank you for that!) and so I thought that I'd say hi ^^
    Are you talking about the most recent Sherlock Holmes with Jude Law in it? If so then I love that film!!
    Have fun at your prom, it sounds like it might be interesting, I hope it all goes well =)
    Lauren x

  3. I like your blog a lot so its my pleasure to follow it... and that is infact the sherlock holmes movie i watched, twice now... its great!
    Thank you for the well wishes and what not for prom