Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reflections Pt. 1

Hey guys. So like I said last week, I’m gonna have a few posts just like reflecting on my school career (mostly high school) and what not.

But 1st, today I basically chilled and went to pick up graduation tickets. I made $30 off my extras!!! I finally have some money!! I also chilled with my friends for a bit and we had a good time, although it felt odd being out of school. I'm pretty sure that in college we are gonna start growing apart like a lot of friends do, but we will also meet new people too. Ooh, also, some of us went to the pound too to look at dogs cuz my parents said I could get one for graduation, if I wanted. I want one, but at the same I'm not so sure... I didn't fall in love with any today, but there were ones I really liked...

Also I have new Formspring questions up now (or will very soon) thanks to those of you who asked.

So... Reflections. I have been thinking a lot about the stuff I did and didn’t do in school. I will have a couple little things at the bottom of my posts this week talking about it.
Academics: I'm satisfied with the grades I got in school. I could have done better, but I wasn't challenged enough or motivated enough to do so. I did get a few C's, mostly in math, and I didn’t take the number of AP or duel enrolment classes as I should have. I totally slacked on home work and B.S.ed basically everything, but I did get to the point where I was so good I could get basically A's or B's on everything, which is pretty much what I got in all of my classes. Could I have done better? yes. Do I care? no, I’m going to a state school and I still got a 3.8 cumulative GPA anyways...


  1. congratulations on your grades :D

    Also, little tip for a dog: dont get the really big ones, they need a LOT of care.. and it doesnt matter what dog you get, you'll fall in love with it after its yours ^_^

    Good Luck

  2. Well, it hardly matters, anymore what your GPA was... I hope that you're more challenged in college, but, as you pointed out, YOU made the choice in high school, to slack off, and you basically didn't allow yourself to be challenged... What a shame!! I can't stand to see talent or intellect, go to waste!! In that respect, Anton, you need to grow up... You're only cheating/ boring yourself... Not a good pattern to establish, or, get stuck in, in life.... Life awaits, Anton!! Don't let it slip away!! You can sleep, and fool around, when you're old and grey!! Now is the time to pick that proverbial tree to piss on, and stake your claim to!! Don't live a life is full of regret... There's nothing worse, IMHO... luv, tman<3

  3. Thanks Eye! I’m probably gonna get a medium sized dog.
    And Tman, I know I could have done more in school, but I still mastered the art of pleasing people and doing so without exerting a lot of my energy. I turned that energy to learning from people and establishments that could teach me better than public schools which have gone downhill and continue to do so. I turned that energy into traveling to several countries and twice as many states. I turned that energy to following things that interest me, such as politics, where I got to work on a campaign. To music, to writing, to other things I care about, while still keeping above average grades in school. I have chosen to learn from avenues outside that of the radar of a normal teen, and in most cases it paid off.

  4. Good for you, Anton!! Maybe I misjudged you!! My advice then, is to continue with your journey and don't ever lose your curiosity!! I think that's what attracted me to your blog in the 1st place- I have little respect for people who have no intellectual curiosity... remind you of anyone? Maybe a guy from Texas, via Connecticut?? lol

    And, don't worry so much... you'll be fine!! luv, tman<3

  5. LMAO, very nice, and i couldnt agree with you more ;)