Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers day...

Happy mother’s day everyone! I hate my mother so I didn’t really do much to make it special for her. I may once I get my fucking $1500 she stole from me back... idk. We did go out to eat at some steak house. It wasn’t very good, but we got free desert cuz my mom sold the manager there a car, there was a CUTE bus boy and there was this funny big black waiter there who was a total flamer.

I got my car a year ago today! It has pretty much given me my social life and any reason to live from day to day.

People are right, I do fight too many battles and I need to pick them better, but I guess I’d rather have the stress from them from the thoughts I’d have otherwise. My mind needs to be kept occupied. I'm talking to IttyK again kinda. We just keep missing each other on facebook and she doesn’t have her phone. She is probably my second biggest cause of stress right now and is usually high up on the list, cuz I do care a lot about her, despite how much we fight. And I also got her sister to kinda open up to me today which isn’t something she does easily.
My other friend from Utah is being too happy. I dislike it.

I think gay prom is off; we have too many graduation parties going on that day. I’m not really that upset cuz I am done with john and Jordan didn’t want to go in the 1st place.

Today things seem like things take forever to do, but a lot of time passes during them very quickly. It’s odd.

Last night I went to Iron Man 2 with Luis. He is sooooo cute! The movie was ok, I liked it better than the 1st one, but I still didn't really care for it.

Tomorrow is it for school!!! I cannot believe it’s over! It’s scary and imma cry. The picnic and the party at my house will be fun though!

Oh, and what is something you want me to post about. It can be anything really, I just wanna post about something you all care about and not just me talking and not knowing if anyone gives a shit. I may not get around to it for a little while, but lemme know what you wanna know!

P.s. JJ had to delete his blog. It was fantastic while it lasted. He grew so much while having it and it was a mistake that his parents made making him get rid of it. We will miss you, but you have good stuff going for you and you seem to be happy over all. I’m glad for you, there needs to be happiness in the world (even if it’s obvious happiness isn’t meant for some of us) you brought it to everyone who read you at least once. Thank you and see you around. Good luck in everything you do


  1. I just want to continue to follow your life and hopefully see that it improves from day to day. This is a traumatic period for you right now but it will soon pass. It seems like it is going slowly for you now, but when you look back on it in a little while, it will seem to have passed very quickly. Think positive thoughts: your whole future is ahead of you and I am sure it will turn out to be good.

  2. I 2nd Anon

    It's good you and your friend are trying to work things out and as for what I want you to post about, I want to hear about you but if you are tired of writing about yourself then write about what ever you want

  3. haha i just noticed the fish at the bottom of the page...needless to say, i fed them XP