Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hey guys!

The trip up north went better than expected. Yesterday was amazing, and today was... tolerable.

Yesterday I went to school to pick up my diploma super early and it was sad and I really miss it. Then I got home and we headed out up north. We drove to Taos and had lunch there at this great sandwich shop and went in a ton of the other little stores. They had some really cool stuff and I got this beautiful candle that I'm dying to light tonight. And I saw some amazing art! It was also overcast and really pretty.
Then we went to this huge gorge with this bridge over it and it was pretty cool. If I would ever jump to my death, that would be a good choice (not saying that I would, of course!). It was cool cuz the wind was really strong in the middle of it and it would shake when I car went by and it felt cool! It scared my dad a lot, which made me laugh.
Then we drove around to Red River where we were gonna stay. We got this super cute cabin for really cheap and it was in this beautiful spot! I got to hike and run around in the woods which I haven’t done in FOREVER! We also had a private fishing pond that my parents and grandparents got to fish in. I was forced to catch one under threat of not leaving for dinner if I didn’t. After like 10 minutes I did and I screamed a lot and didn't enjoy it at all... poor fish! lol

I REALLY wanted Luis to come and he wanted to. I could have used his cuteness and company, but I will camp with him this summer. ;)

Today we ate at breakfast a really shitty restaurant. Then we went on a drive and parked by a lake that I walked around and I think I was bear tracks. Then we went to a candy store and I got a TON of awesome fudge! I can’t wait to eat it all! =) Then we drove back to Taos, went to an Indian village and looked around and it was pretty nice. There was an awesome graveyard there. We ate at this really cool restaurant for dinner on the way back and they have this prickly pear frozen lemonade which is hot pink and super delicious! Then we got home and... here I am.

That’s about it, but I do have 2 songs...

This one is one I listen to when I need motivation to keep going. I am persistent (despite my suicidal tendencies) and this song really speaks to me. It’s really appropriate around graduation time as well!

and this is how I feel right now about my situation with my friend and... yeah, it hits it pretty well. =/



  1. Sounds like great times on the trip.

  2. Love can really mess with a guy, in so many ways... It can be the reason that you lay bare your soul to another human being, and trust that person with your deepest feelings.... It can be your salvation in a thoughtless and uncaring world. It can also, rip at your heart, when that leap of faith, falls short, and the trust is gone...

    So, why take the chance on love, when it can cause so much misery? Well, once you experience it, you are addicted, because it is such a basic human need... Without love, life is dull, and without meaning or reflection... We all lust for that mirror, that gives reason to our existence...

    I'm glad that you're on the road, and putting some of the past few months behind you, at least, for a while!! I think it will help to give you some valuable space and perspective, and the time you need to mend your heart and prepare to move on... have fun, kid!! Oh, and, eat a piece of that fudge for me!! lol luv, tman <3