Saturday, May 22, 2010


So let’s see... yesterday was pretty shitty for the day part. I was so bored and I totally feel like my grandparents have overstayed their welcome. But I did have a grad party in the evening and It was pretty amazing. The food was good, the people were entertaining and there was fun stuff to do. We played ping pong and a super intense card game called Egyptian Rat screw. Then we had a watertight and I totally owned everyone! After that we went to go chill at my friends house/the golf course/ taco bell. One of our friends who lives a ways away was also there and it’s really fun whenever she can come cuz she is crazy. But yeah, I didn’t get home till 4:15 this morning.

Today I went to Taco Bell/coffee with two of my friends and caught up with them for a few hours. It was really relaxing and I enjoyed getting out of the house and away from all these people who I HATE.

I really wanna be in Utah right now, I could use a change of scene, although IDK if I could deal with some of the people just at this moment, I’m feeling rather high strung.

I owe a thank you to Noelle for the apology, although I know it will happen again eventually, I still appreciate the effort to make nice.

I am also far less interested in Jordan than I thought I was. I'm more interested in him as a friend than a hook up or summer romance.

I think that’s about it for now.


  1. Wow, Anton... your life sounds pretty good, right now!! Party on!!! On another note- I can't imagine what the Egyptian Rat Screw card game would entail... lol... No, I'm not going there!! Nonetheless, friends and fun, are hard to beat!! How do you even know that your grandparents are there?? Sounds like you're never at home, Anyways, good to see you more upbeat and mellow... : ) luv, tman<3

  2. Oy vey, Egyptian Ratscrew... I know friends who've lost their hands to that game!

    Well... not really, but I have a cousin who first taught me, and the rule was whoever got the cards in the end got the cards, none of this whoever slaps first. It was brutal.

    Oh and Utah has been lovely recently, I'm biased, but it is a wonderful place to be.

  3. OMG... Matt!! Your vow of silence is broken!! lol Lovely to hear from you... If that's the game, we had a similar one that allowed the winner to crack the knuckles of the loser with the edge of the card deck- can't say I ever liked the game... it brought out the worst in some people!! luv, tman<3

  4. Utah is amazing, although Im biased too, growing up there and all... but I'll be back there in about a month and a half! I cant wait! =)
    And egyptian ratscrew is very vicious; its what started our water fight, well, a disagreement about who slaped the card 1st. But it was still fun!

  5. Thank you anton for forgiving me i think and i am somewhat sorry. ill talk to you later, i hope bye.
    with all of my love