Sunday, May 23, 2010


So today I went to that grad party for that one girl i really don't like and thought about trying to make peace with. It went well, and I had a pretty good time, especially when we threw her into the pool. I admit i did go just to spite her and eat her food and such, but it was alright and i think i may be able to kinda tolerate her now. Success.
When we met up to carpool there my friend that drove backed into my car. No damage was done, but I'm gonna give her shit for that forever.

Yesterday night some of my friends went to a big party and got super wasted and had some fun stories about it. I decided not to go mostly because the people who were throwing it hate gays... and I'm pretty happy with that decision after I heard some of the stories.

I have been wasting most of my day playing a game called Balloono on I highly recommend it!!

GRANDPARENTS LEAVE TOMORROW!!!! I'm so Happy about that!

That's about it, sorry its been so incredibly boring the past few days...


  1. Boring?? You call that boring?? Anton!! You party, crash cars ... lol ...Well, OK, your friend crashes A car, more or less... and it's boring?? lol My life is a total bore, then!! I've spent the last few days, mostly catching up on chores, and fixing other people's (parents) problems, and have to wait till next weekend for a party... And, that's the 1st party in, well, OK, so, I've been to a few, what with Mother's Day, and Dad's birthday, lately... I kind of forgot!! Anyways, I think you're still livin' large!! And now, dear grandma and grandpa are leaving...WOOO!! Things improve, daily!! : P Ahh life!! lol luv, tman<3

  2. Since I don't live your life, what you write is always new to me and therefore it's interesting.

    It's also good to read your views on stuff we might all have heard about - like something in the news or what people you know are talking about, maybe.

    It's amazing how just an ordinary event can make a contrast with what each of us does in what's an ordinary day for us.

    Go to it! Tell us more!

    Oh and did the bitch put a dent in your car?

  3. my car is fine! (thank god)
    and I will most definantly start expressing my views more and more as we get into the next election cycle here this fall, but i will do some before then too. I have even considered starting a second blog just for solial/political comentary and such..