Monday, May 17, 2010

GRADUATION DAY!!! (Reflections Pt. 3)

'Bout time I posted finally, eh? haha, this will be a long one too...
So I will give you the 411 on graduation before I get into all the other shit I have to say.
It was fantastic! The whole process started yesterday with rehearsal. We just practiced our entrance twice and were done pretty quick cuz we did so well. Last year apparently sucked, so the organizers were happy. I sat pretty close to some friends, and this one girl who I knida know from government, but I will talk about her later. Today we got there a bit early, mingled, I saw a ton of people that I love, and a lot of teachers I really miss/ will miss. We got seated and went outside for our grand entrance. We had about 820 or so graduate this year and 754 people walked today. The entrance went well and the speeches were all really good except for the superintendants one. I hate her guts and want her to die. Also this stupid old member of the school board went on about how important god is to being a valuable person, which pissed me off mucho. Two speeches however reminded us that high school isn’t the best time of our lives, so that gave me some hope. Our commencement speaker was my Government teacher and that was cool, he’s a really good (and fairly attractive) man. Then they called all of our names and took like 10 pictures of us on the way up (I'll post some later). I succeeded in not falling so I was proud! It took an hour or so to get through everyone. One girl fake fell on the stage, it was pretty epic. Another tried to hijack the mic from a vice principal, but kinda just made a fool of herself. At the end everyone flung confetti in the air and it was really pretty and a good finale to high school! I gotta go pick up the actual diploma tomorrow morning, but I'm just excited to be back at that school, even if it’s for a little.
Here is our class song, just the Glee version of it cuz it’s more high school-ish... CLASS OF 2010 IS THE BEST!!! XD

On a similar note I have been to a ton of super amazing graduation parties this past week and that should continue for the next two weeks. It is great cuz after I get to spend time with my friends, and we have a limited amount of time left together so I’ll love every minute of it!

The rest of this will be about people for the most part.
First off I’d like to sincerely thank Tman for his continued support and encouragement, especially after my last post when I was so distressed.
Second, Ben ended Ben’s world, but I still talk to him quite a bit on facebook and texting and stuff.
JJ is back!!! I will re-put-up his link soon. He has some restrictions on his blog and what not, but it is good for him and I am happy about it.
IttyK, I know I kinda pissed you off with my formspring answer, but it’s just how I see things and feel about them. It wasn’t meant to hurt you, but… yeah.
Noelle, Idk. You are oblivious to what it means to have manors or decency. You have lost my respect.
I have decided to try to make peace with this bitch. I hate her, she doesn’t like me. But we don’t really know each other well, so I’ll try to be nice with her cuz it doesn’t really make sense cuz we are quite alike.
My god mother has been helping me deal with my parents. It is a HUGE comfort to have her.
Now, that friend from government that I was talking to at graduation: I got to know her a bit during the school year and really enjoy just being around her. I started to find out who she really is talking to her during graduation stuff. She confided a secret in me she has told fewer than 5 other people, thus completely earning my trust and respect, especially cuz of what the actual secret is. We also talked about a lot of other things, some personal, some just joking around. We talked about our mutual attraction to Jordan too. Sometime in this conversation I realized she is one of the 4 or 5 girls in the world at this point in my life that I know that I would consider going straight for (although one of them is Lady Gaga, so IDK if celebrities count). I am always open to the possibility of a relationship with a girl; I’m just much much more attracted to guys. I really like her and enjoy being around her and we have made plans to party and shop this summer!

My parents are oblivious to how pissed I am at them, and I don’t wanna bring it up with the grandparents here though. I am kinda happy they are visiting cuz I don’t have to deal with my parents so much, but they still annoy the hell outta me. Tomorrow we leave for an overnight trip to northern New Mexico. I’m interested to see how it goes being in confined quarters with 4 people I dislike for so long. IDK if I will be able to keep it together, but I’ll try like hell.

Work: So I have never held a paying job, which I would change if I could, but it’s not something I beat myself up over like some other things. I have done a ton of volunteer work however with both community service projects and working on the Obama campaign. It will really help my resume, and I'm happy about that.

Travel/Hobbies: I did plenty of travel and I am very proud of that. Although I can’t get enough of it! I never really had one hobby I was devoted to, but I'm ok with that too.

Romance/Relationships: So I had a whole post about how depressing this aspect of my life was/is and how pissed I am at myself for it. I cried the whole night cuz of the stuff I wrote and couldn’t bring myself to post it, so I deleted it and... yeah. FML!!!


  1. Graduation sounds like it was wonderful and I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is a memory you will carry forever. Look forward to seeing some photos. This whole post was mostly positive and I'm glad to see you that way. I hope it continues.

  2. Awww... Anton... I'm glad that the graduation ceremonies went well, and that you are moving on.... Let me be the first to say "CONGRATULATIONS!!!'

    I'm also really glad to see that you have an advocate in your life, in your godmother!! That advocacy is what she signed on for, at your baptism, but, you'd be surprised, how many people never follow through on the commitment!!! I have 6 godchildren, and I know how difficult it can be, to guide them in ways that their parents find difficult, or to advocate for them as an additional adult voice in their lives, so, kudos to your godmother!!

    I won't beat you over the head with my opinion on the paying job, again!! lol You already know my viewpoint on that!!

    Sometimes, relationships, or, lack of relationships, can be most distressing.... Especially, if you get sad, and overthink the whole thing!! It's really hard to put things into perspective, and get to a positive place, when you do that, and ironically, all the sadness tends to be off- putting to the people that are interested in you, and might actually be your salvation! (at least, on the love front! lol)

    So, you were smart to delete the negativity this time... Putting it to print can be a catharsis, sometimes, but, I find it to be negative reinforcement at other times... It's time to move on, to look foward, young man, so, keep your heart ready and strong!! Life awaits!! luv, tman<3