Monday, May 3, 2010

Dont Cross Me, Bitch! (5 days of school left)

Hey! So I'm pissed right now so the 1st part of this is gonna be me bitching/venting.

I was having a normal conversation with IttyK's (from In which I Vent About Everything) sister today when, out of nowhere, she goes off on me, calling me a "dick face," "superficial," "crude," "pointless because I spend all my time looking cool which will never get you further than the most willing vagina" (she doesn't yet know I’m gay) and that I'm gonna get stranded in some city, being a whore basically. Then she says something about me or someone lying to her and won’t explain it and says I will find out. Then she says something about, IDK... Anyways I told her to fuck off and that was the end of that.
Bitch is lucky she lives 450 miles away cuz next time I see her imma fuck her shit up! I’m ready to burn a bitch! I’m really pissed cuz it came from NOWHERE and she wouldn’t explain herself.

And this mother fucking homophobic skinhead ass hole totally failed at his thesis presentation today! It made me so happy! Hope the ignorant bastard fails!
Ok... I'm done. It felt good.

The rest of the day was good. School went by fast and after school was fun too. We walked around target for a while and kinda played tag. John was there so that was nice. Then me and 2 of my girlies went on an adventure full of balls. Yeah, sounds funner than it was, but it was still fun. We walked around the country club, took some pictures, stole a sign, 3 golf balls, and 17 tennis balls. It was pretty crazy and fun!
I also saw some very nice pictures of my gorgeous 'straight' neighbor at his last track meet. yum.

So here is some new music I like, it helps me calm down and what not, Enjoy:

This is a happy song that is rather pretty… and a hot guy!

And this one has lots of hot guys and it’s a total work of art!


  1. i presume you know who the hot guy is?.....

  2. Wow, crappy luck. I noticed you followed me so I stopped over to see what was going on and I run into your day to vent :) Thats ok I'm sure there will be lots of love to go around. I like the first of the two videos you posted. Not a big fan of the second^^

    Nice to meet u btw. :p

  3. OMG I didn't sign my last post with hugs >.> damn it that won't do.


    Hugs, Rob

  4. No, I dont know who he is, I swear he looks farmiliar from somewhere though, but i cant place him...

    And thanks Rob!! I'm happy you liked at least one of the videos =)
    Hugs back!