Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yes, I'm actually quite happy now!
I finally got rid of my grandparents, my parents are back to work, and I have been enjoying myself.
Yesterday I got coffee with a few of my friends and then chilled with them at one of their houses, and just did the usual. I did however find out that 2 friends have hit my car! The 1st was a friend who was learning stick and I had parked behind her on a hill and she rolled back trying to start it. But I didn’t even know and no damage was done on either case... I'm just done parking by any of my friends! And I'm really wondering if the stereo type that women are shitty drivers is true! lol

Today I spent most of the day downloading and listening to awesome music! I added 138 new songs to my collection today! I also found an awesome new band that I already love and have never heard of before. Their name is Within Temptation. I also ran to the store to get a prescription for my mom and on the way back I almost hit a wall when I was checking out this SUPER CUTE skater boy. We also had a census worker come and ask us questions cuz the post office lost our form; she was really nice.
I was supposed to go to the movies with these friends, but they are super flakey, but I'm ok with it cuz I don’t wanna spend too much money.
I missed out on an opportunity to see Luis today, but that’s okay too cuz I still enjoyed myself.
AND GLEE WAS GAGA THEMED TONIGHT!!!!!!! I'm unable to describe how excited that made me! IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!

IttyK is mad at me because I wont tell her something that will make her 10 times madder… Its kinda funny and sad all at once.

I'm sorry if I don’t post often in the next few days... I'll be super busy.
Tomorrow I have a shopping date with Steph
Thursday I have a party/sleepover at my house
Friday I’m going to a Rave
Saturday there is a party/sleepover at one of my friends for her grad party
And Sunday we're doing to Albuquerque's shitty excuse for an amusement park

That’s about all that going on that I can think of today... Here are some songs I like:

This one is on the radio a lot, but I think it’s really nice and I love Demi and We the Kings, so it’s a super good combo for me, and the video is cool! I wish I were there with them!

I love basically everything P!nk does anyway, but this song is supper good and I like this performance from the Grammy's.

This is some of that group who I really like! Its so pretty!
Good night


  1. Have fun, Anton... I'll be a little scarce myself, the next few days... Work is wearing me down (it was really hot today... 100+, and I'm working outside...), and I really should be spending less time online... Sounds like you're good, tho, so, keep truckin'.... luv, tman<3