Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry, its been a while...

Holy shit! It’s been forever since I’ve posted! Well, a few days, but too long. I’-ve been up to a lot and my internet hasn’t been working very well.

So anyways, life has been busy. I haven’t got home from school once this week before 7. Having a social life is fantastic! I haven’t had one this active ever!

Tomorrow I’m having about 8 people over for a party at my house. Yes, there will be alcohol and pot, but I don’t think I will do either. My parents will be here too, so I think it would be awkward for me to be high or drunk with them just downstairs, even though they said I could. (I know… they are idiots)

I got a new radio in my car this week! I’m really excited because the one I had didn’t work and I like driving with music. But the idiots that we bought it from took 3 hours to install it, and put in the wrong one. My mom went to go bitch them out because they cheated us out of like $50 but she didn’t get anywhere. So my dad said will go and threaten to take them to a small settlements court or something if they don’t fix it…
Don’t but stuff from Audio Express!!!

Now for a political rant: I am extremely liberal and volunteered about 100 hours of my time to the Obama campaign in the fall of 2008. It has been a year since he was inaugurated and since Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have taken lead with a 60% majority in the House and Senate. I am nothing but disappointed. They may have pulled out of Iraq, but we continue to support the endless war in Afghanistan. They don’t have the balls to push through a public option bill in the Senate, even if it means resorting to reconciliation which would allow it to pass on 51 votes, not 60. Their stance on climate change is weak and won’t get us anywhere. Guantanamo is STILL open. The Bush administration isn’t being investigated. CEO’s still have their money from those outrageous bonuses. Education reform isn’t even being considered. In short, prospects look bleak for democrats and the progressive agenda. They haven’t done what needs to be done, and now it’s too late go get it all done. The administration has thus far been a failure. Yes, it’s better than the Bush era any day… but I am still very unhappy with Obama. I really hope he start doing what we elected him for…

For the first time in a long time I have established a lot of little crushes… I am making progress getting over things.
I will try not to take so long to post, but I have been very busy.


  1. Getting out and about is a really good thing mate, I am really happy for you. Your parents aren't idiots for letting you drink and smoke, it just shows that they trust you enough not to go stupid. At least they have given you a safe place to do it.

    Have fun at the party...


  2. I am really disappointed too. The Dems whined when Bush & Co. had only 51 Senate votes and totally stuck it to America, and now they are letting the Republicans get away with it with 41. They STILL haven't figured out that too many people just want strong leadership, even if it bitch slaps them them.

    Unless they can all get down and get tough and present a united front we will be back in the Dark Ages once again. Rep. Alan Jayson (D-FL) seems to be the only one who understands that, but the rest of the Democrats in Congress are content to let him be the lone attack dog against 15 on the other side. Which again makes us look weak.

    The Republicans, and the Right Wing in general, have the classic bully syndrome- ready to pick on anyone the perceive as weak, but as soon as someone calls them on it they start crying that they are being discriminated against by those mean liberals. If only the Dems would wake up and take advantage of that instead of being so concerned with their feelings they could get the things done that we elected them to do.

    My biggest fear is that we fail and endure another 12 years in isolation. That's the only reason I won't give up. I just wish I could get my heart into it.

  3. @ Octavius: sorry, i may not have been clear. I do appreciate them providing a place, what bugs me is how often they encourage me to do bad things. It seems like because they were bad kids they expect me to be one too...
    @ Tom: I have also been watching and enjoying Jayson's style and positions. He gives me hope for the party...