Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Encounter with Drugs...

Hey guys!!!

The past 2 days have been unbelievably great! School yesterday was very relaxed and sped by in what seemed like a couple hours.
Afterschool I went to my friend’ houses, like most days, and had fun chillin till the rest of our group got out. We played Sims 3 and screwed around on the computer until then. It was pretty average, but fun.

We had a party/bon fire/ sleep over thing set up for last night, so after our other friends got out we went over to the person’s house we were partying at and just set up stuff and waited for everyone else to show up. We ended up with 10 people at one point and 7 slept over. Most of my close friends from New Mexico were there, along with 2 new people and John even ditched his swim party to hang out with us. I continue to be emotionally stable around him and I am proud of myself for that.

We had some karaoke so start with while everyone was getting there. The wind was preventing us from having our bon fire, so we all squished into the back of John’s truck and got out some rum and vodka and smoked a hookah. I only had a little rum to drink because I don’t care for alcohol and I am weary of it, considering my families alcoholism problems, but I am responsible. I reeeally enjoyed the hookah even though all that you really get from it is a small nicotine high and some light headedness or whatever. We had a competition to see who could take the longest hit and I won with 26 seconds, even beating John who has swimmers lungs. We realized that the two who could suck on the hookah the longest and best were the 2 gay boys. =)

After we were all light headed from about 2 hours of smoking, and most of us were a bit tipsy or drunk from the alcohol, we got out of John truck to find that the wind had died down. We, in all of our non-sober geniuses, lit a couch and a desk on fire we had acquired for our bon fire and proceeded to roast smores, sing loudly and run around like idiots. Good times, good times…

John and two others left for the night, and another two went to bed early. The five of us left awake went over to the playground of an elementary school to smoke pot. No, I didn’t do it, but after they were done I decided I wanted to, and that next time I will take a hit, just to try it out. I decided that I love the smell of it! It was windy and a really bad night for smoking anyways, so I think maybe it’s good I waited, idk.

We went back to the house and watched Hercules, which got over at 2 am. None of us really wanted to go to bed so we watched another movie, which I need to find out the name of, that was trippy as hell! I wasn’t even that messed up from anything but I was still like “whoa! Wtf!?” through the whole thing… we didn’t get to bed until about 5 am.

At 7 a.m. one of my friends jumped into bed with me for some reason and just laid there for a while, till she went to do that to everyone else. At that point a realized I had a text from one of my closest friends who I love to death, but have a very odd relationship with. I decided to screw sleeping (despite me only having had 2 hours of it) and to talk to her. We talked for about 12 hours straight, which isn’t uncommon, but lately our conversations have gotten rather edgy and sometimes uncomfortable. We yelled at each other for things like me doing a few different bad things and for her doing a little drinking. We argued like usual about who was the worse person or who makes the worse choices and about every other depressing thing you can think of; getting fairly disappointed in each other. I got home at about two and proceeded to have a normal day from that point.

Over all it was a fantastic night and I have obligated my friends to do something like this about once a month now. I am pretty happy with the choices I made and the decisions I have come to. Tonight I am an uncommonly happy person, despite being a bit irritated.


  1. Hey Anton I am thrilled you had a good time. You know I am proud of you .. I am not knocking you here. But don't think pot would be a good thing to do. That is and always will be your chose. But you going threw the hard times. Pot will intensify this it is a downer... I know use to be a stoner myself ..I just can't say go for it man. But man I am glad you are having a great time. Love to see you happy and overcoming some of your feeling .. Keep you head high man ... Lee

  2. Hi Anton. Got to agree with Just a bit here, dope can really be a downer if your head's in the wrong place.

    It's great that you're having good times right now hope it stays that way, you've had a rough ride so you deserve a bit of fun.


  3. Ok, guys. You are probably right... I think i will put those plans on hold for now. thanks!

  4. thanks for screwing sleeping. :D haha

  5. You are much better for me then sleep! haha