Saturday, January 9, 2010

I hope the sky isnt falling...

Hey guys. Sorry if I miss some days... my internet in my room doesn’t work well so sometimes I don’t have enough connection to post, like last night. I don’t like to use the family computer either cuz I don’t want my parents finding my URL even though they found out I have a blog…

Yesterday was a very enjoyable day of school. Afterschool I went over to a friend’s house like usual and played Sims 3 and we had fun. We then had a good time making fun of my friend because we found out her boyfriend had given it to her in the ass… then they pointed out I was gay and we laughed our assed off. Then my friend’s boyfriend kept asking me who I would ‘do’ and then he asked if I would do John so, not thinking, I said yes. He then calls up John who is at a swim team party and is like, “Anton wants to bone you” and hangs up! I am desperately hoping this doesn’t cause any drama, and I am guessing John will think he was kidding or something. Hopefully.

So yeah, here are my philosophical thoughts I had earlier: I realized today, with the help of a friend, that emotions drive thoughts, thoughts drive emotions and both drive actions. We are all just metaphorical tightrope walkers and we are performing a balancing act and if we let either side (of emotions or thoughts) slip, the other is in danger of slipping too, and once you fall you could end up in a world of bad actions, bad habits and general trouble. I know how hard it can be to get back on that tightrope and how much it hurts to fall.

Thanks for the great responses on the post Thursday post! It helped me to give in and tell more people I KNOW about the blog, which is a big step because some of the stuff on here is stuff I wouldn’t tell them normally.

I added a ton of new blogs on the side bar so check them out! (and if you are one of the blog owners and don’t want it up there let me know so I can remove it). I got most of the new ones off of who btw has a great poem on his second blog:

Love you guys! If there is anything I can do for you, let me know! ~Anton


  1. I have no problem with you putting my blog up..., none at all.

    You have an interesting point on the metaphysical/philosophical thing..., I will have to keep that in mind.


  2. I have no issue with you having 2 of my three blogs listed! Thanks!

  3. Thanks Anton for the mention , glad you found my list helpful some really great blogs, and even better people. Always on the look out on blogs. Glad you like my poem also ... By the way been following you for a while and love your blog also. Hoping you have balance for the tightrope lol. But no doubt admire you for you attitude and courage. Lee

  4. Very happy to have my blog listed thank you, Anton. Good analogy with the tightrope, sums up how a lot of us have lived and are living. If only I had a better sense of balance :)