Monday, January 18, 2010

A little poem

Hey! So Elsa, my friend and one of my favorite people in the world started a blog. It’s at go spam her with love or I will disown all of you... jk. but you should deff. go check her out. Here is one of her poems that describes my life perfectly (other than the parts where she says 'nearly insane,' I would take out the 'nearly') haha

I am,
a person,
a being.
I am,

I hear constant screaming.
Inside my head,
and out.
It drives me to near insanity.

I see one million people.
Who are dying on the inside.
And who are crying on the outside.
And it brings me to tears.

I smell a town, a land, a country.
A world.
Full of some kind of fake peace,
weapons just under the surface.
A world.
Full of lies, and believers.
It fills me with immense hatred.

I feel the air around me.
The air that has no control,
over anything,
so unprotected.
It makes me feel incredibly helpless.

I am,
a person,
a being.
And I am,
nearly insane,
and helpless.

good eh?

I have been doing a lot of thinking about stuff in my post Saturday, but I haven’t come to any conclusions yet, so I won’t go into depth.

Hope life is treating you all well, if not, I’m here to vent to if you need...

Oh, and if you have anything you yours (photos, poems, stories, whatever) e-mail them to me and i will post them. =)

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  1. I like the poem! ;)
    especially the part that repeats and is then modified...!

    Stay well!