Sunday, January 3, 2010


Whats up!?
So its 1 o'clock and im reallllly hyper and just spent 3 hours downloading a ton of music to my iPod and now im just sitting around listening to it. Had a great time with my friends at the mall and got some cute clothes from Aero. =) And i also kinda flirted with a really cute boy there, It was fun. God i need to find someone haha =/

I also had the opportunity to reconnect with a really cool friend on facebook that i haven't had a good conversation with in a long tome. Tomorrow one of my really cool friends is getting back in the country and i have REALLY missed texting her!

Here are some of my new years resolutions I've come up with so far:
-be more confident
-be more compassionate
-get a job
-find a god damn boy friend!!!
but im sure i will come up with more.

I am trying to decide if i should come out to my really christian neighbors. I think they deserve to know, but idk if they will be all judgmental. I wasn't even considering it, but it turns out they know John and like him, so idk... i'm sure they will find out eventually anyways.

I have also thought a lot about drugs/alcohol lately. So far i have been a relatively good kid. i only did a little drinking a few times, and the worst of it was in Thailand but my parents were there to supervise me, and I've never done pot or anything. i dont really want much to do with alcohol at the moment considering my parents history with it, but i keep finding myself more and more curious about pot. I think the only reason i haven't done it yet is cuz i was looking for a job and i didn't want them to detect it in a drug test or anything. I still dont know if i will soon cuz sometimes my will-power completely falters and i give into impulses. I promise to try not to, but... idk.

That's kinda it for now... i just killed a scary spider. i hate spiders. New Mexico has TONS of black widows. dont come here.

Tell ppl about me! or dont. whatever. Sorry for all this craziness, but like i said im really hyper.

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  1. Aaargh, soiders! I hatee the damn things. New Mexico is off the list :)

    Coming out to the neighbours sounds like a pretty big deal. Think it through and so what's best for you.

    I'm supposed to be all responsible about pot I suppose but to be honest I really enjoyed when I was your age, your choice though.

    have a good year