Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My worlds at peace, or Im in the eye of a storm. Either way, Im happy

Hey guys! How are you??

Anyways, yesterday was one of the craziest in a long time. I won’t go into detail and bore you, but there was a lot of good that came out of it, and some difficulties, but over all I went to bed a happy person last night.

School was incredibly normal, and not much to say there. As far as after school, things got interesting. John came over to take pictures of Rabbit for his photography class. It was super cool cuz she put beautiful make-up on half of her face and left the other half plain. It was super pretty and creative.

The topic of Prom came up, and following the direction of the conversation I asked him...HE SAID YES!!!
Not only did he say he would go with me, but when I told him my plan with my parents he got really excited and said he'd LOVE to be my come-out date!!!
Today I told my mom that I had a date but I wouldn’t tell her who, which annoyed her. I just told her that she "would meet them at the before party." I’m really excited and scared.

After that we went and got some delicious doughnuts and went to Peacocks house to meet a German foreign exchange student, play life and smoke hookah. We kinda cold shouldered Peacock a bit and made our point a little more clear. Then we went to Taco Bell and all of us refused to borrow money from him, as we intended to break ties with him. Then we went to walk around on the golf course by Dolphins house and there we confronted them.
We made our case, told them how we felt and how hurt and pissed we were. They knew what they did was wrong. Instead of kicking Peacock out, which I wanted, we just suspended him from hang outs and sleep over’s for about 2 weeks... he thought it was fair and we could tell he felt guilty. He also told me in confidence that he realized how much he needed us. I now know that we do in fact have power over him if he acts up again.
As far as Dolphin, she started crying really hard last night during the confrontation and was saying things like "I don’t deserve your love" and whatnot. Now for anyone who thinks that they could contend with the weirdness of me and my friends, you are sorely wrong. We comforted her be all taking off some of our clothes to put over her to warm her up cuz she was so cold, at one point leaving Peacock and Panda in nothing but their underwear. We sand Tik Tok at the top of our voices over the golf course until the sprinklers came on. We went to another area, fully clothed again, and invented a new tag game called ‘Sea Bear’ (from SpongeBob) and ran around like idiots in the black of night. Then we raced to a park and almost killed ourselves running there. We wrote love songs about the Taco Bell worker named Dee Dee, out Natural Disasters teacher and a ton of other random shit. It was awful, but very fun. Things seem to be going well on that front, although it still isn’t what I wanted. I just had to compromise a bit.

Today I had a parent teacher conference and I have a 4.2 GPA, proving to myself that even though I'm not the good kid I used to be, I can balance social life and school very well.
I also have been eating black berries and blasting Lady Gaga, making me all that happier.
Things are certainly better.
Hope I didn’t bore you


  1. hey Anton... Good for you!!! I'm glad the prom thing worked out, and your friends seemed to have ironed things out...I hope your plan works out with the coming out to your parents, and I hope you can withstand the torment for the next 2 months or so...lol I noticed you didn't address the job issue at all...lol Good luck, kid; I would, however, have a plan, or money saved, etc. in case Mom & Dad decide to hold your prom plans hostage at some point... Or is that all worked out, already?? Just saying... Think ahead, have fun, for now!! lol luv, tman<3

  2. What part of that was boring again?

    Man I thought *my* friends were weird... Must be the heat.

    Happiness is always good I say.

    And a 4.2? That's impossible where I come from, which is Utah... Things get weird when you start going south I guess.

  3. Glad you had fun and you are mostly happy

    I think at my school the only way to get a 4.2 is to take a lot of AP classes

  4. Tman, I am not all that worried about the financial issue at this point. I do already have the money for prom stuff from my parents, i have over a thousand dollars in the bank and a well off god mother that will do anything for me should i need it. I have the biggest safty net a 17 year old could hope for. And i will start looking for a job here soon too =)

    I am very glad you were entertained, haha. And IDK where the weirdness comes from, besause i too was born and raised in Utah and visit there a couple times every year to see my god mother, family and friends.

    Although, that level of weierdness is a little extreme even for us... haha

    And it is straight A's and one AP class that got me my 4.2, which is still higher than i usually get.