Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Philosophy

So 1st things 1st. I wanna introduce a new blog and give a shout out to another.
First off, I have this neighbor that we shall call Noelle. She is 13 and has all sorts of stress going on, so I helped her set up a blog today to help her vent and stuff. I don’t think she has posted yet, but follow her and check it out when she does.
Second, Check out Ben's World. He is awesome, and writes really well. He lives like 20 minutes away from me too, which is pretty cool!

Also today my dad and I went to this burger place in Albuquerque that we were told was really good. It wasn’t.
The food wasn’t bad, well, the fries were, but it was scary! It is called 'Lumpies' or something really unappealing like that; it’s on a really shady part of Central Ave. in Albuquerque (NOT where you wanna be if you are a 125 pound white boy like me). You line up outside and write down your order on paper bags with red crayons and go up to pay and just wait for it off to the side with all these ghetto-ass cars zooming by. It was super expensive and greasy so I don’t recommend it to any Albuquerquians out there or people who might visit one day.

Now on to the philosophy. When our friend from Texas was here we shared a lot of our philosophies. Like me he comes up with a lot of his own philosophies and stuff. Although he is 'gay' he strongly advocates Pansexuality. He thinks that physical attraction (being straight, bi or gay) is one thing, but people all have a pansexual side. Pansexuality is simply the love of the soul, no matter what the person’s sex or appearance are. IDK how I wasn’t aware of 'pansexuality' up to this point in my life. We talked about it for a long time and specifically explained it. It was really fascinating, and it explains a lot of emotions that I have. Anyways, you might wanna research it more.

I am freaking scared about the Healthcare vote going on in Congress this weekend! If it doesn’t pass I will have officially lost all faith in Americans and out political process. I am not hopeful that it will pass, but… *fingers crossed!*

And you guys have sucked at asking me things on Formspring lately!
Love you!


  1. Back again (don't ask why I left I can't remember)

    Anyway I think that is a good idea about just loving a person's soul and you aren't the only one who wants Healthcare to pass

    Take care

  2. loving people unconditional is treating them the way you want to be treated. What you do in life comes back to you many times over. If you give kindness, caring, love freely, you will receive it given to you. The same with the negative emotions. Sadly too many give the negative ones and don't understand why they return to them.

    Got into to a discussion with a lady in the check out line about health care yesterday. She knew nothing about it other than what she heard on Fox Noise, and was sure it would instantly destroy the country. I explained to her my friend and I work in the health care field and we needed it. She wouldn't listen. Funny thing was she was on Medicare and still thought the Government shouldn't administer heath care. Real disconnect in what is real and what some people are thinking and saying.

    Have fun, peace and joy,

  3. It's good to know that young Americans feel this strongly on the healthcare issue. I tend to judge a country by how it treats and supports it's elderly and sick population. It's particularly distressing for me to watch as financial and corporate considerations are put above what should be a basic right. I'm incredibly fortunate in that all my many medical needs are met unquestioningly and so far I've not faced one situation where money has been a deciding factor.

    Here's hoping that decency and compassion win this vote.