Saturday, April 3, 2010

Missed opertunities and new prospects

Yesterday my friends came over and we just hung out and watched movies and stuff. We went on an adventure through these rain drains that are about 2 or so miles long at 9 at night... that was pretty fun and creepy! haha
We were talking about how we are all excited about prom and where we wanna go eat beforehand. Then someone brought up dates and who some others were taking, and John got brought up. They said that he really liked me for about a week or so after the first night in October when we made out and stuff. They had hinted at it before, but he never seemed to show signs of it, that’s why I never acted. So I have been pissed at myself for the past several hours... If I had acted I may have the thing that I really want right now! oh well... I guess =/

The idea that he liked me at one point thought made me excited for prom even more. If I play my cards right I may make him realize he likes me more than he thought and maybe something will come out of it?
Also, our gay friend who lives in Texas and who I have a crush on broke up with his boy friend a couple days ago... He is coming back here in August so I may see what I can make of that situation then.

I’m just taking the bad and looking forward to possible good, even if I’m doubtful that anything will come of either situation.
Love you

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  1. Love you too kid!!

    I remember hanging out in the storm sewer, too when I was a kid... There's just something cool and creepy about that- being underground and popping up at intervals in different places... Of course, you don't want to be seen! A kid one town over from here did the same thing a few years back, and all hell broke loose!! The cops were chasing him around for hours, and he managed finally to elude them, but it was almost like a manhunt for a while- it made the nightly news, and everything!! Really ridiculous !!

    Oh well, kid, happy hunting on the boyfriend front... Sounds like some interesting possibilities there!! luv, tman<3