Thursday, March 11, 2010

My 2 Wars

1: The Unexpected
So one of my 'friends' that is kinda in our group is a total bitch! I have mentioned her a few times (under the name of Tiger) and at this point I’m pissed at her. At lunch we were sitting around in our usual spot and I finished my friend’s muffins and being too lazy to get up and throw it away, I throw it at Dolphin so she will do it. Then she throws it back at me and I throw it at rabbit and we just toss it at each other for like a minute; pretty innocent, right? then I toss it to tiger who like runs over and fucking attacks me! she like rips out my hair and we almost get into a full on fight, but I figure it’s bad to fight a girl, even if I’m barely stronger then her. whatever. Any who, at the end of lunch I pour my water bottle on her and storm off... I doubt we will be ok for a long time even though she sent a note along with Panda to Rabbits house after school sincerely apologizing. I have never been one to forgive easily and she crossed the line and totally over reacted.

2: The Expected War
Our group was hanging out today, everyone except for Peacock. Turtle, who keeps trying to win Dolphin back was there, and earlier wrote her a 3 page note telling her how important she is to him. The rest of us have been PISSED at how long their break up took and how she dragged it out. She keeps leading both boys on and sending mixed signals to Turtle. Because of that he thinks there is still hope, even when there really isn’t. We all adore him, he is such a good person but Dolphin is shallow and stupid and selfish. When we were at Taco Bell today, before Peacock arrived, she was secretly caressing Turtles leg under the table... he told me about it later in the day. Peacock showed up and it was soooo awkward, especially when Peacock and Dolphin kissed. Turtle pulled me aside and told me how hard it was for him, especially with what happened at Taco Bell.
We know that he has seen us as really good friends through this whole thing cuz we have all been on his side. This evening he sent me the following text: "Hey tell the gang I had a great time today with all of you guys but today was the last. Thank you all for all the great times. Good bye"
IDK what to make of it! Is it suicidal? Is it him surrendering to her bull shit she has put him through and giving up? IDK!!!
I am still talking to several people about it and formulating a plan. I will have less than 5 hours of sleep and I have a HUGE day tomorrow, but this is too big to ignore. We have decided to begin cutting like 90% of our ties with Dolphin and Peacock. Were done! they are inconsiderate and dramatic and this is TOTAL BULL SHIT!!! Way over the line!

I will keep you updated. I may not post again till like Monday. Big weekend, but I shouldn’t be doing anything too bad.
Any questions e-mail me or formspring me.

Love you!

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  1. Sounds like you will have to make a choice about who you want in the group. Turtle sounds like a really nice guy who doesn't deserve this. I would work to get him back and also move Panda out. If she is willing to do this to everyone and play the guys, she really doesn't have much care for any of you or your feelings.

    Be well,