Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Business and such.

1) I went to the doctor yesterday. I have shingles. It sucks, and is itchy and kinda hurts. I’m on an anti-viral regimen. fun fun.

2) Elsa and I are done fighting. I am happy about that.

3) I have been super stressed about my friends lately and they continue to piss me off. Not 3 days after Dolphin broke up with Turtle she was making out with Peacock. It’s like, SLOW IT DOWN! GOD! And to make things worse, they were doing it in front of me when I was alone with them which was really uncomfortable for me. They intentionally did it RIGHT IN FRONT of me and then the fucking ass holes told me off for making it awkward and staring, when I was just trying to mind my own business. I’m sorry, but I’m pissed at them and I’m hardly talking to them and I haven’t been hanging out with the group for a couple days. I am lobbying to get them kicked out of our group, but I don’t think I have enough support from everyone else so I will just deal with it.

4) I think I may be getting addicted to coffee. I love it, even though it doesn't really wake me up or anything. And it can’t be black or anything, but lattes are amazing.

5) I am once again caring a lot more that I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t even know who I’m really interested in who is a realistic option though. Its reeeally frustrating.

6) Thanks for the formspring questions, I enjoy answering them. Good job everyone! haha =)

7) I was proud of myself today when my English teacher wrote down something I said today during a class discussion. The fact that he thinks I’m quotable is cool.

8) This girl who is a friend of a few of my friends in Utah, and who I talked to once or twice tried to kill herself, but fortunately didn’t succeed. She seems really cool so I’m happy she’s ok. Suicide is EVERYWHERE lately, I know way too many suicidal people. This is NOT good! Gah!

Lately people all over are continually disappointing me in enumerable ways. And the doctor said stress is a probable cause of my shingles onset at such a young age. *sigh*


  1. Sorry to hear about the shingles. Yes nerves can cause a break out. What are you taking for the itching?

    Your friends seem to have trouble with respecting other peoples feelings. Is this something new for them, or have they always dealt with each other this way?

    Suicide is a problem in our society now. People become hopeless and when there is no hope they can't see a reason to go on. Giving people hope, showing them they are not alone or that they have someone who will listen is important tools to prevent suicide.

    Oh, coffee can stimulate the nerves and make shingles worse. It also can affect your G.I tract. However your doctor would have covered that with you I expect.

    Hey great you are doing well in English class, I hope all your classes are going well.

    Be happy and get well soon.

  2. I'm happy she didn't succeed too.... I was beyond scared when I got that message. Apperantly her fucking asshole of a boyfriend told her he loved weed more then her. I really hate him.

    I'm really sorry your friends are mean and disrespectful. I still think you should just tell them to fuck off and get out of there if they aren't going to respect you. But wahtever... ha

    I HOPE YOU GET BETTER!!!!!!!! don't get dead :)

  3. was it noah?
    her boyfriend? i mean.

    he's really attractive.

    but he's a dumbass.