Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Mud Hut...

So i a couple posts i talked about my "Mud Hut" and there was some confusion about what the hell it is. Basically think: African Hut...

New Mexico is super sandy and has little in the way of trees, well, the part I live in... up north is a lot better. There is also very little to do around here. One day a couple neighbors and i had this idea to make a building out of all the fine New Mexico dirt that we have soooo much of, and we started building. We mixed hay, mud, rocks, wood and whatever we could find all together into our basic, primitive adobe building material.

We would find other random things to stick in the walls like cinder blocks, 2X4's, metal wiring and even a cupboard, which we use and is just there, built into the wall.

My dad built a wooden roof over it for us and it is shingled and weather resistant. although we still need to put in some covering on the windows and get a real door, both are still just covered by sheets or fabric that serve as makeshift doors/shutters.

All together it took close to 2 years to build, and until my school friends started coming over, had seen little use, despite the hundreds of hours of work my neighbors ind I put into it... although building it was fun too.

Its 7 feet tall and has enough room for about 7 or 8 people to sleep, so its pretty big, although we have considered adding a second room so we can have more people over. But that sounds like way too much effort! haha

Its really cool and unique. I am proud of my mud hut!


  1. That is really neat, Anton! Thanks for all the description and the photos. It sounds and looks like a really neat place to hang out. And I am sure it was a fun project to do. You can be proud of it!


  2. Love the description, and I love the idea you and the neighbors did it. Sadly I couldn't get the picture. Will try again tomorrow.

    Best wishes,