Sunday, March 21, 2010

Faith Restored

Tonight the Senate Reconciliation Health care Bill passed in the House 219 yea - 211 nay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Credit Nancy Pelosi for this. I may not have liked her a few years ago, but since Obama took charge she has been the only solid source of Democratic leadership we have had. But i do have to credit Obamas deal with Rep. Stupac and other anti-abortion democrats to eliminate the possibility of federal funding for abortions. Although I would have liked to see it pass with that still in it, it was necessary and a well played political move by Obama.

I have waited 15 months to see some god damn change and here it is. I now believe that Congress is capable of doing what needs to be done for the interest of America, even if it isn't totally willingly. It isn't the best bill in the world, but it is all we could have hoped for...

It was especially sweet using Reconciliation against Republicans to pass it with a simple majority, so we could keep a lot of the really important stuff in there. Just a day or two ago protesters were spitting at Democratic Congressmen and cursing them out. They were shouting "Nigger" and other awful derogatory terms toward black Congressmen and shouted 'Faggot" at Rep. Barny Frank. Some Congressmen said it was as bad as the Civil Rights Act passed in the 60s as far as the mentality of the crowd.

It was sooo funny seeing Minority Leader Boehner flit out as he pleaded to democrats to vote against it! He looked just like the fucking idiot he is!

As the bill reached the 216 needed to pass the democrats on the floor of the house were cheering and began the classic chant of "Yes We Can!" I would have died to be there tonight, and yes, i know I'm a nerd, but i love politics! Even though it isn't as great as what i hoped for when health care debates started, tonight was still at least as exciting to me as election night 2008. This needed to be done and here it is!!!

Now the Senate has to pass major amendments to the bill, which will take a long time and will be another major battle, but the main portion has been passed.

I will shut up now, but i am sooooooo fucking excited! I didn't expect this and now i am overwhelmed with joy!!!

Thank you Congress!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We can be a nerd together b/c I too am happy and I just hate that it took so damn long but hopefully it wont take long to make changes in other places for the good of the nation

  2. OMG... A miniature version of me!!! Well, at least, politically... no offense kid, but I was about to go to to see if the final vote was favorable and I saw your blog posting at 'Gay Andy's' in his blog roll... So, here I am... Well, anyways, tomorrow will be a good day for our ilk!! Too bad for Boehner, McCain, et all!! lol Well, I really shouldn't gloat; I'll go find a tea bag to throw in some hot water to make a nice cup of.... oops... did I just gloat??? bfn tman lolololol!!!!!!

  3. Watching the debate from afar has regularly left me speechless. After almost a hundred years of failed attempts at universal health care it has happened at last. Now finally Obama has a real achievement to make him a president you can be truly proud of.

  4. Hi there, Anton and others

    Like tman, I saw your blog posting from "gay Andy", though I heard the news earlier today.

    I am so glad for you people. As someone who has lived all his life in a country (Britain) with a universal healthcare system, I've struggled to understand what it might be like to live without such a safety net. Nevertheless, I've heard enough horrifying stories through the years to give me some idea. I haven't followed the debate in any detail, partly because I could not bear to read more harrowing stories, and partly because what I saw of the misunderstandings from the "anti" side made my blood boil.

    I really hope that the Senate bill gets passed quickly and without further losses of coverage, and that the attacks from the Republicans do not disrupt the implementation of this system.

    Best of luck!


  5. Anton - i think the only "change" you're going to see with the passage of the Health Bill is you'll have "less change" in your pocket, because who do you think is going to pay for all the americans to have health insurance??

  6. tman; gloat away! we won and it is a great victory so enjoy it! And thanks to you and Mark for checking my blog out! And to Andy for having me linked on his! We can all finally rejoice!
    And Rik3, the NON-PARTISAN Congressional Budget office has said this bill will save us about $120 billion in the first 10 years and another $trillion + in the following decade.
    It largely funds itself by cutting back on excess allocation of money to places in the system that don’t need it and by closing the doughnut hole In Medicare part D along with several other provisions.
    The vast majority of Americans will see less that a 1% increase in their premiums, a small price to pay for 32 million Americans being able to get affordable insurance. The plans that will see the most change are the already excessive 'Cadillac Health Plans'
    Personal finances should not be the concern of most Americans; this bill will hardly affect them.

  7. To think we could have been enjoying national health care since 1992 if the Republicans hadn't killed of President Clinton's bill. They tried to kill it again, but thankfully the Democrats grew some big ones and got the job done. The do nothing Republicans should slink back to their homes in the dark of night in shame. They had a wonderful opportunity to join in and work together to create an even better bill, but they took the wrong road. It is time to vote these losers out of office and get some people who will actually work for the people who elected them. Great blog! JR