Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Im Alive!

OMFG! I’m so sorry it’s taken me forever to post something! It’s my Spring Break and I'm living it up! We have an old friend that is visiting from Texas who is super fucking cool and really cute... but he has a boyfriend. Also I think vodka may have opened us up well enough to salvage our group from kicking someone out... I am also in contact with my best friend from elementary school that I haven't talked to in years and years... it’s really cool.

So I have decided to stop bitching about my friends... I do it too much and I know it isn’t very interesting. I do have some love interests and issues, but those can wait. For the next post or two I’m just gonna be sharing my philosophical nonsense.

Today I’ll talk about '___ism's. The way I think about it is that there are two scales that people can call on that are independent from each other, but often times coincide.

World Perspective: Optimist <<>> Objectivist <<>> Pessimist
Operating Style: Idealist <<>> Pragmatist <<>> Realist

People fall on both of these scales and usually they line up like I have written them.

To clarify; here is how I use all of these terms in my model
-An Optimist is somebody who tends to feel hopeful and positive about future outcomes.
-An Objectivist is someone who thinks that moral truths or external objects exist independently of the individual mind or perception.
-A Pessimist is somebody who always expects the worst to happen.

-A Realist is somebody who only considers things as they are or appear to be, and avoids ideals and abstractions.
-A Pragmatist is someone who looks for compromise and wants to make everyone as happy as possible.
-An Idealist is someone who looks for and expects the best things to happen for everyone, no questions asked.

I am mostly a Pessimistic-Realist... For me I like pessimism because you aren’t disappointed when things go badly and are extra happy when good things happen. As far as my realism, I don’t see any other way to operate. Yes, my pessimism interferes a bit with seeing everything, but over all I have trained myself to make quick and logical decisions with a pretty good success rate based on looking at things realistically.
By nature I dislike Idealists because they miss major points that hinder what they want to happen from taking shape. They waste time and energy on tasks that can’t be accomplished. Pragmatists just make idealistic ideas seem realistic, but usually change little or nothing, unless they are very good at what they do.
Optimists are let down to easily and make themselves vulnerable to disappointment. Objectivists, however are able to identify all points and make fair judgments, which is incredibly rare and useful.

Of course this is just how I view all of these things. I believe my model works, but it is open to interpretation. I hope in interested you.

And at the very least check out the last like paragraph of IttyK's post and help her out if you can =)


  1. That's nice to know. I was wondering.......

    -- Jamie

  2. Hooray for the living!

    Oh and I think this is my first comment here. Hooray!

  3. haha, now i posted real stuff! i acidentally published my title before i wrote anything... and thanks for the comment!

  4. Omg Where in NM do you live?

  5. Ah, no, well you see I'm really generally a pretty cheerful sort of guy who's necessarily an optimist. I think that if you set about changing things and want to make a success of a career then it's best if you can look on the bright side.

    How are you going to convince a potential employer/business partner that you're the one and you can handle it, if you're always pessimistic?

    Oh no! Throw away those dark clouds! Come on out into the bright sunshine that is life!

    Oh and btw I added you to Kieran's Kingdom bloglist - in honour of your now Following that blog: for which many thanks!

  6. @ Ben: I live in Rio Rancho. You? I’m kinda surprised at the number of New Mexicans I've met on here! And if you wanna talk more and in private feel free to e-mail me (

    @ Micky: Thanks for adding me! I have added to my links too. I understand what you are saying but I have been hurt by optimism in the past and I have found it doesn’t work that great for me personally. I also recognize that I’m in a minority too with that.
    As far as the business argument; I am not a full time pessimist. I can adjust based on the environment/situation I am in. My intuition and charisma allow me to impress people in a business environment. From my connections in politics I have learned how to deal with formal situations like that successfully.
    Being a pessimist doesn’t make me unhappy, it just protects me from things that I don’t feel like I can deal with. Thus far in my life it has worked for me, and if it stops working I will adapt.

  7. I live in ABQ. I've only met 2 from NM on here. Who else besides justolefrind is from around here? My email's email me whenever. I love getting to know people.

  8. I love meeting people too! and i know him and there was someone else that left an anonymous comment. But that is still 4 new mexicans total, which is more than i thought id ever find! ha