Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On the War Path


So it’s gotten to the point where we are gonna slowly drop Dolphin and Peacock from our group. If they don’t like it then they will clean up their act around us and stop making us feel uncomfortable. panda and I have been devising out battle plans to accomplish our goal, and tomorrow we are drawing the line in the sand, telling them where we stand, and giving them a week before we just stop inviting them to our parties and such.

It seems to be too easy for me to do this to them. I am a soulless cut-throat ass hole, but I have made myself that way to protect myself.
I would do well in politics.

My shingles is doing very well, it should be gone in a week or so I’m guessing.

Spring break is next week and with this turn of events with Dolphin and Peacock I’m not sure what all we're doing. I know Friday we are having a 25% clean bonfire, Saturday an old friend is coming into town. I kinda replaced him as gay of the group, and he is really cool, even though I don’t know him as well as everyone else. Sunday some of our group is shaving their heads for a St. Baldric’s fundraiser for cancer patients. It’s really cool of them to do, but I can’t part with my hair. We will probably have a party at Peacocks house sometime too cuz his mom is outta town. We will see what happens there with him and Dolphin, but I don’t expect good things...

We also learned about the Yellowstone volcano today in Natural Disasters. They are saying it could blow anytime and if it does it will cause a mass extinction. As scary and awful as that is it excites me, a lot. I dislike what humanity has done to Earth. We are a parasite and we need to have some kind of population control. IDK, I’m a sick person but, whatever. =)

I have been quite unhappy lately and i have been thinking a lot. Im sure i will share them with you soon enough...


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  1. Hey Anton
    Haven't been around for a while,personal reasons, I can't help but share your somewhat sardonic view should Yellowstone blow, it might just clear the way for getting the planet sorted out a bit.