Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friends, Drama, Bleh... (Continued)

Hey. Sorry its been a while, I'm sick and pretty stressed and such, and typing a post just seemed too difficult.
Before I get into the stuff with my friends, I wanna thank Scottie for giving me a shout-out.

It was my mom’s birthday today and we went out to eat. It was pretty relaxing even though I've been feeling like shit. When we were at the restaurant I was reeeally close to coming out to them, but one of my friends I was texting convinced me not to. I don't know if I should have... Our waitress was also pretty cracked out and poured the iced tea all over the table and didn't even notice.

Now I'll start with my out of state friends first. I have been talking A LOT with that one girl friend of mine that I told you about that said she liked me. I have some intense feelings for her too, despite the fact that she has an icky vagina and all. We don’t seem to be making a lot of progress dealing with everything. hmm... oh well.
Elsa is pissing me off. She won’t explain something that I really want to know and feel like I deserve to know cuz it has to do with me. Its unreasonable and mean. And being sick does not help my patients level either. I’m sure it’s not a big deal to her but it’s important to me and idk why she’s being such a bitch.

Now for my friends here. So Dolphin and Turtle officially got back together this week. I was super happy and we all thought things would get back to normal. Wednesday was Peacocks birthday so Rabbit, Dolphin Lion and I ditched school and hung out with him and had fun all day, completely not awkward.

On Thursday Panda and I were at Rabbits house baking cookies for another one of our friends, Tiger, who’s birthday was on Friday. Dolphin went to go spend quality time with Turtle, and Peacock decided to go do homework. We were suspicious that Dolphin and Peacock were secretly together because they would text us at about the same time and then both go 15 minutes or whatever not texting us. Peacock came over eventually and Dolphin arrived about 15 minutes later with some intense sex hair. We were suspicious about the two of them, but we eventually found out that it was Turtle that Dolphin had been with. Peacock Dolphin Rabbit and I went on a walk late at night and had some deep conversations, but everything seemed to be fine.

Friday things began to go to hell. After school Dolphin Lion Rabbit and Peacock all came over for one of our parties. While we were at Subway getting dinner, Turtle was texting me telling how important it is that he can’t lose her, and that he was pissed that Dolphin and Peacock would be spending the night together. I told him that I would let him know if anything happened and that I was on his side. Also at Subway I saw my really cute neighbor who I haven’t seen in weeks. He seems to have changed a lot. Later on Tiger came over, got drunk, and went back home, after kissing everyone and being loud and crazy. Panda and her sister came over and we messed with her head for about an hour until they left. Then we all drank a little, much less then last weekend, and Rabbit and Lion told Dolphin that they would be happy to see her and Peacock together, after she had decided and told us that she was gonna break up with him for the 3rd and final time in a week. Fucking vodka! I blame you!

Saturday came along and we woke up, came in from sleeping in the mud hut, and got the sad news of the Chilean earthquake. Over breakfast Turtle was texting Dolphin and in quite a rage. Throughout the morning she broke up with him and made it clear that they wouldn’t be getting back together after all. The situation was very awkward cuz, on top of Peacock sitting next to her holding her hand through it while still at my house, Turtle was at Dolphins house with her parents, being comforted by Dolphins mom. That night was Peacocks official birthday party. We made pizzas and had this godly cake. It was a double-decker strawberry cake with 2 layers of chocolate frosting and ice cream between the layers of cake and covered in hand made whipped cream and chocolate covered strawberries... OMG! After that we just hung out, and although Dolphin and Peacock never kissed, they were holding hands all night.

Today we didn’t hang out, although there was a late night hike that I was supposedly invited on, but I never got the text that was inviting me. Idk how that went for the rest of them and it kinda made me pissed that there wasn’t a bigger effort to get the whole group involved. Turtle has been texting me as I am typing this talking about how much he needs Dolphin and how amazing she is. He said he is at work crying and wanting to "run away and die." I am worried about Turtle and I am REALLY pissed off about this whole situation and at all of my friends, besides Tiger and Panda who weren’t involved or on my side.

I am really unhappy tonight from a mixture of things.
Anyways, be well.

P.s. I am really liking Ke$ha, even if everyone says she is an untalented cracked-out whore, but this is one of her songs that is actually quite nice and doesn’t really have any explicit sex or drug connotations to it. Many of my readers probably wouldn't like her other stuff, but this one is really good! Enjoy!


  1. There is so much drama going on among your friends that I can't keep it straight. It makes my head spin.

    I like that song.

    I still want to know about the Mud Hut. Photo?

    -- Jamie

  2. Oh! I forgot to say: sorry you're sick, I hope you feel better soon.

    -- Jamie

  3. Thanks! and sorry for confusing you! haha, it confuses me too. And i was gonna make this post about the mud hut but then all of this happened. I promise sometime this week i will!

  4. Hope you feel better soon, Anton. Wow I'm totally confused now and not sure which animal's meant to be doing what to which other animal. How the hell do you keep track of all this drama?

    Take care

  5. Get well soon. I will be sending you my warmest healing thoughts.

    Did you cook all the food, if so you have a talent for the kitchen.