Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Oh imagination, you are a wild and untamed beast!
Hello everybody!

Life is super busy. i haven't had much time to hang out with my friends like usual for the past couple days. I have had tons to do getting ready for Atlanta and i have had homework stuff too.
I was proud of myself today when i convinced my English teacher to give me credit for an assignment i never did. We are also doing a fun project in government that has kept me occupied.

JJ, who some of you may know has started a blog. is the link, and i have it linked in the side bar too. He is a really cool kid and you should go read his blog. I was reading Rowan's great little blog, Daily Doings yesterday, and he is rather close to JJ. Apparently JJ is having some medical problems with his appendix or something. Best wishes to you man. Get well soon.

Other then that, Ellen is on American Idol, so I'm super happy! i LOVE her!
And I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow! I cant wait! i hope its super cute =)
Thank you to that 1 person who asked me a new question on formspring...

Make good choices (and yes, i know I'm a hypocrite for saying that)
P.S. my e-mail is working again so if you need/want to send me an e-mail i can read it now =)

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  1. Hi Anton...i forgot actually how I came upon your blog lol but I like it. Keep on postin, I'll be followin