Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friends, Drama, Bleh...

Hey hey!

So since I got back, drama has pretty much spiraled outta control with my friends...
I will refer to them as Dolphin, Turtle (who is Dolphins boy friend, and really isn't part of our 'group'), Panda, Rabbit, Lion and Peacock (who is the 1 other boy in our group who I like, but is straight. He is also my best guy friend currently).

So I will start on Thursday when I got back to school. I got a really warm welcome back, especially from Rabbit and Panda. This is kinda proof that we are becoming closer cuz they would never react like that in the past. Then they started catching me up on everything that happened while I was gone... There were little things, but the thing that interested all of us the most is that Dolphin and Peacock had started flirting quite a bit, despite Dolphin being with Turtle, but that Dolphin was probably gonna break up with Turtle soon. I thought it was probably just Dolphin being a cock-tease like she does sometimes, but they told me it was different this time.

On Friday school went pretty smoothly and normal, and after it got out me Dolphin, Rabbit and Lion hung out in Target and a few other stores for a few hours until Peacock joined us and Dolphins friend came to buy us 'stuff'. Later everybody, minus Turtle, came over to my house for one of our parties. We were all having a lot of fun, and under the influence of vodka, Dolphin and Peacock started kissing. Panda and I quickly broke them up and right on queue Lion triggered a chain reaction of emotional breakdowns. Dolphin and Panda started crying along with Lion about several things including looks, 'whorishness,' and bad relationships. Rabbit went outside because she felt claustrophobic and needed to throw up... Peacock and I spend about an hour outside with her and during it had a rather deep conversation in which we exchanged some of our deepest darkest secrets. We went back in and he and Dolphin continued to try and hold hands while Panda and I fought them off. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal except that Dolphin was still with Turtle.

We slept about 2 hours and got up and had some sore semi-drunk conversations but things seemed to have died down temporarily. We went back inside around 8 am (we have our parties in a mud hut I made a couple years ago that’s in my back yard) and had breakfast and watched some stuff on YouTube and Hulu until we decided to go back to Rabbits house. While Peacock went home to do chores and Dolphin showered, the rest of us had some intense girl talk about what happened. Later we began work on a YouTube video of our own (which I was gonna post on here, but I look ugly in it and don’t want people seeing it) and it was really awkward during the whole thing, because Dolphin and Peacock kept looking at each other weird and held hands a couple times.

On Sunday I went to go have coffee with an old friend I haven’t seen in like 6 months and we spent a half an hour catching up. It was delightful! Later on Dolphin texted me and said she had broke it off with Turtle, but that night he drove her around and talked a lot, trying to save the relationship (which in all reality he seemed to be neglecting for a while).

Monday Dolphin seemed to be really confused to which one she wanted to be with and kept saying she wanted to be in a double relationship, which neither of the boys would be ok with... She was also kissing Turtle at every chance she got. Rabbit and I had the realization that we really wanted her to stay with Turtle because it would keep our close group of friends from being awkward. Turtle also tried to win me over by buying me a gift that John was supposed to get me ages ago but never did, even though I was already on his side. By the end of the day Dolphin seemed to be pretty convinced that she wanted to stay with Turtle, even if Peacock is the better guy and will have now been turned down by 2 girls in our group (Panda being the other) despite his good looks and great personality.

Today Turtle and Dolphin were officially back together. All of us went to iHop for free pancakes and we went shopping and I got $140 of great new clothes! And some nice cologne. It was a little awkward, but all together good. Tomorrow Peacock turns 18 and we are having a weekend long birthday party for him. I can’t wait and he should like all his gifts, primarily cuz he helped pick them out today! haha

Sorry for this being so long and potentially confusing. I love all of you!


  1. hey anton,

    i hope you guys have a great weekend! i really hope you and peacock enjoy peacocks birthday ;)

    p.s. i loved that you used the whole animal matrix!

    <3 pittsburgh girl

  2. Yeah, I had to read that about three times, but I think I got it now, lol. Maybe it's being up so late, but all I could think about was "why would a dolphin be interested in a turtle?"! I love the way you can tell a story without compromising any of your friend's trust. Have fun with Peacock, and make sure you make good choices bud!!


  3. Wow! Like you said, a lot of drama! It sounds like you really have a busy social life.

    I want to know what a "mud hut" is, big enough to party in. I've never heard that term before. Must be something specific to your locale. Post a photo maybe?

    You sure do make interesting reading.
    -- Jamie

  4. wow... That's really kinda scary and pretty freakin... i don't know. If you want to talk you can call/text me any time of day or night! (I'm almost always up!)
    I love you dearest!

  5. I too wasnt sure why she would want to be with him until they almost broke up and i saw how they were good together...
    And i will leave a post this week explain the mud hut =)

    And K we need to talk after the texts you sent me last night...