Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hey guys,
I'm not the happiest person today. I have for a long time hated my school district and the idiots who run it. They have for a long time implemented a strict dress code and have dozens of absurd rules. Our superintendent is a useless human being who has done nothing progressive. Her only accomplishment is getting the new high school (which is in the top 10 most expensive public school ever built in the country) named after herself during a closed-door meeting.

Yesterday we got a bit of snow, well, 2 inches, which is a lot for here. This morning the roads were unbelievably slippery and icy and while driving to school i ended up hitting 3 traffic cones, several curbs and sliding all over the road. When i got to school it was barely salted at all and dangerous outside. And we have 5 buildings so you have to go outside to get to your next class. I cant count the number of people i saw fall. It was incredibly dangerous; i know 2 people who had fender benders.
Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Beranlillo and about every other city in the state, including all of them that are close to mine, had given the schools at least a 2 hour delay, but not my district. Most people didnt even get to school on time and it was a total waste of a day. By not declaring a 2 hour delay they put the well being of all their students at risk, and for what?
Anyways I now have a vendetta against my superintendent and i am determined to see her fired!

Besides that, I got into the University of New Mexico today. Its almost impossible to not get accepted, but I'm still happy I got in. I'm not really looking forward to college, but oh well i guess...

The straight guy i like is still hanging out with us almost everyday. I have kept myself from getting emotionally involved and i don't really care if anything happens. I just enjoy the eye candy! haha! He is a really good cook and made us food the other day. It made me rather happy.

I've only got like 1 question from my Formspring page so feel free. Its in the links thing on the side. Ask anything =)


  1. Sounds like your superintendent is a total waste of oxygen, good luck with the vendetta, remember to keep your hands clean.

    You know sometimes it's nive to just enjoy the eye candy, what I saw every week in the changing room used to "keep me going" for days when I was a kid :)


  2. Congrats man for college, even if it is not like a top choice of yours...
    fingers crossed for u to see your superintendent fired! guess it would be relieving lol