Friday, February 12, 2010

One quick update

hey guys, i have some limited interned access, i just wanted to give you a quick update. I'm in the Atlanta airport and I'm gonna be here for like another 4 hours before we get to go to the place we are staying at... Its snowing here and a ton of people are stranded. My team advisor is really cool too
I have only seen one boy in the group so far, and he really isn't hook-up material. haha. maybe i will have some more luck later...

I changed up the colors (obviously) so lemme know if you like it or not.

remember... formspring! kay, i will stop being so annoying about it =)


  1. I think these colors are nicer than the blue that's a color being overused on the web these days. Good luck in Atlanta let's hope there's better boys waiting for you :)

    Have fun

  2. This color combination is much easier for me to read, better contrast. My all time favorite is bright white on dark blue though, that seems to have the best contrast. Thanks for making it easier to read.

  3. Hey Anton, i am enjoying reading through your blog, hope you enjoy your trip.

  4. I like the color! green makes me happy =]
    I miss you! When are you gonna return to me?
    Lurve ya muchly!

  5. anton the colors are way to happy and bright. but they are ok i would at least change them to a really dark green for the background and a light green for the font. i hope you have a really good time even though im dieing here, i do like your blog but i am really depresseed so im haveing a really hard time trying to be happy for other people. alot is on my mind so i hope you can understand what im trying to say. when are you going to put my paper in one of your posts? ok so those are my thoughts on your blog i hope i didnt hurt your feelings.

    Bye for now,

  6. the pink and green remind me of easter... and this place in sweden. haha i say change the the font color. :)
    and perhaps a darker background. :)
    but it's up to you.