Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hey guys!
1st off, thanks for all your responses and such to my last post, although you all fail at asking my questions on formspring... haha. And I added 3 more blogs to my links. Check them out =)
My e-mail is being a stupid bitch and isnt working, so if i dont respond to any of your e-mails, its not cuz im an ass hole.
I am also having problems with "Thoughts of a Gay Boy in High school" its a great blog, but he has obviously changed it so you need an invite to read it or something. IDK, but it made me mad. Oh well...

So anyways, senior thesis is a bitch! Its not that bad actually writing it, and i enjoy my topic, 'Why we Need a Public Health Insurance Option,' but I have to do all this crap for it that has little to no benefit towards writing the damn thing! Its annoying.

Now to the topic of my post title. Yes I am a virgin, although i have gone quite far with a girl (it was yucky!) but i have only ever kissed a boy. I don't like being a virgin, although i am not like freaking out about neeeding to lose it or anything. I am hoping (fingers crossed) that i will meet someone cool to hook up wit during my trip to Atlanta. I know "hook ups are dumb" "use protection" blah blah blah... It is something i will take advantage of, if the opportunity arises.

My thinking about my virginity the past few days probably happened because one of the people in my group of friends unexpectedly lost her virginity last weekend. We were all kinda excited and shocked, but at the same time disappointed, because just a week ago she had her very 1st kiss with a boy in out group who likes her quite a lot, but she doesn't like back. FYI the one who likes her is the straight boy i have a little crush on... So yeah, we all thought he would be hurt cuz it seemed like he thought something could happen between them, but he seems to be handling it well. Or is at least hiding his emotions for the most part. He just seems a little out of the loop. Now there are only 5 of us left out of 10 who are still virgins, and hopefully that will change for me this trip....

I strongly believe in sex before marriage, because with out a good sex life it is really hard to keep a relationship up. I would like to find someone to be in a relationship with, but no luck here so far... so i will try for a hook up or to =)
Please tell me if I'm being stupid, but it makes sense to me in my head.

Now off to go try and finish this damn book i have been trying to read for 2 months! its a very good book, i just get too distracted to read...


  1. I support your decision! Hahaha I know it seems a little weird coming from me but I agree with what you are saying here. I know i'm REALLY young but... Whatever. Thats ok. haha tell me if you do hook up though! please?
    i lurve ya!

  2. I too, am a virgin. I'm not really pre-occupied with it, and I don't see the point in losing your V-card just to lose it. I'm sure you'll make good choices on your trip, you seem to have your head on straight. Just make sure you protect yourself you meet someone special. Remember, when you're gonna park your car in someone else's garage, use a car cover.

    As for your thoughts on pre-martial sex, I agree. It's very outdated to think people don't have sex before marriage. It seems like the only people against it are those crazy religious peeps. The way I look at it, you gotta test drive the car before you buy it. Anyways, have a good trip, and keep us updated!!!

    PS, what book are you reading??!?


  3. Anton
    For a start I don't think "hook-ups" are dumb at all, I've never had any issues with what some people like to think of as meaningless casual sex, it's not meaningless at all it's just that both sides are aware that there's no deeper agenda toeards a relarionship. Sex is fun!!! You've already taken the protection message on board so enjoy.

    I've always had issues with the idea that virginity is somehow a sacred thing (OK I lost mine at a really early age but that's a different story) most of the relationships I know that have survived are the ones where both partners have been experienced and have learned to be a bit more generous in their sexual behaviour. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why second marriages often wotk better than first ones - thoughts?

    Reading? At the moment I'm re-visiting an SF classic by Jack Chalker - Masks of the Masters


  4. There are two phrases I want you to memorize...

    1) Always cover guns!

    2) Don't forget your raincoat!

    That said..., have fun.

    By the way, apparently someone posted Tyler's real name in a comment and it freaked him out, so he locked the blog.


  5. @ Silver: Im reading Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia amd Margaret Stohl.
    @ Mac: I will add it to my reading list, but based on how long it takes me to read anything, i may not get around to it for a while.
    @ Octavius: thanks for the update on Tyler, i wondered if it could have been something like that...

  6. Last comment for the night but given the subject matter I figured I should make the time. I agree with you about premarital sex but want to impress upon you the need to be very careful. Always play safe, ESPECIALLY when you are contemplating a simple hookup and it's not somebody you have really gotten to know well. Personally, I believe sex is MUCH better if there's a connection between the both of you ... and it's not just a hookup for the sake of busting a nut (but that is my opinion --- everybody has their own). I would be remiss if I didn't tell you this, however. If you're only looking to lose your virginity because many of your peers already have and it seems as though you're one of the odd men out -- well, that's simply peer pressure. As such, it's NOT WORTH giving it away just to be "one of the guys." I wouldn't hold it against you for wanting to experience sex with another guy, as opposed to one's own hand --- but seriously, sex just for the sake of having sex isn't always what it seems to be cracked up to be. But go for it if it's what you really want to do... Just remember to gear up and put the raincoat on before you head into the forest. HIV isn't the only thing to be concerned about (and yep, young guys such as yourself face just as high of a risk as the older generations -- like myself). There are any number of other STD's out there to be on the lookout for, as well and your best form of protection is using a condom. I would even suggest that you go out and do a few Google searches for STD's so that you're equipped to spot potential problems (like genital warts, herpes, etc.) if the guy you're with is having an outbreak and isn't so forthcoming with you about it. Sorry to put a damper on the mood but better prepared than sorry. (A 22-year-old friend of mine in Canada was careless and now he has to live with genital herpes for the rest of his life. Sure it's not fatal but it's a helluva downer for him and many guys are reluctant to "play" with someone who is positive for an STD.) My own ex lied to me and exposed me to the HIV virus while we were together -- and we were together for 6.5 years. THAT'S A long story; feel free to look it up on my own blog. I just want you to be careful and have as many of the facts as possible before you give away that virginity. ;-) All my best to ya, Anton. -Michael

  7. FWIW, if you're ready -- go for it. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty or bad for having sex; just be careful. (I wanted to leave this second comment so that there would be no mistake that I'm not a total prude. I know you kids today are having sex a lot earlier than my generation did (and there's nothing wrong with that so long as you're responsible/careful.) -M