Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Contribution: Alfie!!

So while in Atlanta some members of our group had a run in with this very interesting person, I decided to ask one of my friends from the trip to write a peice about him because i could never do the story justice... so here is the story of Alfie:

As many of you readers of this blog may know, Anton just recently went on a Service Trip to the ATL to do some work with the NRN and NSLC. I am a girl from Pennsylvania, and had the great pleasure of meeting Anton. I was asked by him to do what I do best: provide some great comedic relief through a funny story. This however is a special story, this is the Legend of Alfie!

One fine day in the Underground of Atlanta, GA, my friend Alex and I decided to stop and smell the fresh, smoke-filled air. Who else would approach you in a place called the ‘Underground,’ but a cracked-out, black, Hispanic, French, Haitian man named Alfie. After Alfie bummed a cig, he went on to tell us what he was doing in Atlanta. This is what he said (in the time frame of 2 minutes….): Oh yea man, thanks a lot for this cig, here man! So yeas’, me and my wife, y’all we just come on down here from New York City, dude! We lived there for 5 years, but my wife is 6 months pregnant now! She’s having a little baby girl. We figured we would move on down here because it would be cheaper to raise our new baby. When I was born I never met my mom. She died or somthin.’ Imma actually from Haiti. My name, uhh…Alfie, is French though, so I’s actually French. But see here, if ya’ll take a look at my hair (pulls off crazy-ass fucking du-rag, but still has on an old bandana), ya’ll can definitely tell I’s an Indian too. So yea man, my momma brought me from Haiti into South Florida and had me in one of them hospitals there, and then these real nice Caucasian people adopted me. You know, real nice white people! They love adoptin’ them little black, Haitian babies. So anyhow, my wife and I decided that we would move here to have the baby, but now that we can see that our government check is less here, we is never gonna make it. We figure we will actually have the baby in North Carolina, because that is where her, my wife’s, parents live. We are going to leave here in six days…yeupp…(this is on a Monday): Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday-we is actually leaving in five days now! So yeas……we is gonna have our little baby girl….my wife is 6 months pregnant ya know, and then we are gonna probably just go live on a beach in Miami, Florida. Hey, how would ya’ll nice kids like to buy me and my wife a cup of coffee?.....”The wonderful world of crack is a great blessing…. Hahaha…. Oh Alfie, God Bless you, you crazy mother fucker, where ever you and your pregnant wife are!
<3 Lexie


  1. Nice story Anton, thanks for posting it. Thanks too to Lexie for writing it.
    -- Jamie

  2. haha... some people are very interesting!

  3. I find it amazing the many different diverse people we can meet if we let ourselves do so. I feel sorry for those stuck on the horrible cycle of drug addiction, but this story has many depths. His thoughts seemed stuck in a loop.

    Thanks to you and your friend for sharing it with us.


  4. hahahahaha I haven't laughed this hard in a looong time! thanks Lexie!

  5. your welcome
    <3 Lex