Friday, April 16, 2010

Day of Silence

...went well. I made it until the last 11 minutes i was there. Hardly anyone did it but it was good anyways. I looked freaking adorable!

I saw John tonight... it was pretty normal. I picked up on some signs that he is not interested as i have always known. IDK what the hell I was thinking yesterday. I have no intentions of asking him out anymore. Sanity has come back to me.

TOMORROW IS PROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHH!!!!!! sooo excited! sooo nervous! I cant wait! haha. And I'm coming out to the rents!!!

So, I'm wearing a black suit, white shirt and a metallic aqua tie that matches Johns color perfectly. Mine has a vertical wavy pattern and his has diagonal stripes. Then I'm also wearing a Mini top hat hair piece with a black flower, black feathers and a veil thing. Its CUTEEEEE!!! haha
Hopefully my hair isn't a bitch like usual.

Its rainy and beautiful, i love stormy weather!

I'm in denial that it is so close to prom!!! I should be having an anxiety attack, but I'm doing completely fine. I'm not complaining!

That's about it, i wont be posting tomorrow but I will give you the prom dish on Sunday! =)


  1. good luck love and have lots of fun for me

  2. OH! You had better get up early on Sunday to let us in on all the prom fun! Good luck, and have mega tons of fun!!!

  3. Great!! Now I'll be on pins and needles until Sunday, waiting for your post!! lol

    Have a super, crazy prom and stay safe Anton... no drinking/driving- yourself OR anyone in your company!! I can't wait to hear all about it!! luv, tman<3

  4. Good glad to know you have come to realize he isn't into you b/c this means you will be happier and I always like when my friends are happy

    Have fun at prom and see you later

  5. are you OK, Anton?? No need for a post, just wondering... luv, tman<3