Monday, April 19, 2010

I'M OUT!!!!!

Hey! First off, thank you for voting if you did so yesterday, I posted it with only like an hour left to vote, so... yeah. But we won by 37 votes! Out of like 17,000. My school gets some much needed money now so it’s really good.

So... Prom. Was fun, NOTHING happened with me and John and coming out went well.
We all worked on makeup and stuff for the girls before dinner. Then we went to Zio's and I paid for John, bring the total I spent on him to like $60. I don’t care though, even though I should. Dinner was good! We had fun and everyone was gorgeous! It made me happy.
Anyways, then we went to my house. I told my parents that John was my date. They acted pretty indifferent and like they expected it. But they were really nice to him and everyone. I have felt awkward around them ever since though... it will pass though. They said they will support me no matter what. Now I just have to come out to my god mother this summer...
Actual prom was ok. The DJ was great and the deserts were good. The hotel was very pretty too... Through-out the night me and John didn’t have much to do with each other and only really danced with other people. But dancing was still fun! I grinded with basically everyone. Alas, it was overall disappointing with John, it was completely expected, and I still had a good time. People slept over after the dance and I was planning on getting wasted with John and seeing where things went, but he was one of the ones that had to go home. Oh well! We didn’t even drink or anything once it came down to it. So we have a big bottle of really nice vodka for some other time. I hate vodka.

Today I dressed in full drag for a movie we made for my Natural Disasters class. I will post it later this week, along with some prom pics, I still haven’t seen the final video product yet though, but I hear it’s AWESOME!!! I had fun in drag =)
Saturday I also made a really cool duct tape wallet. I was proud of my skills.

Let’s see... (500) Days of Sumer was a good movie and My Sisters Keeper brought me to tears! I need to read the book now! It was so good!

This song is fucking awesome! The female vocals are from the lead singer of Paramore, who I LOVE!

"Can we pretend that the airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could rally use a wish right now!"


  1. Great to hear everything went okay with your parents and the dance!!! It sucks you and John didn't do anything, but what can you do??? Glad to see things are looking up for you, and also that you're not letting any drama with your friends get to you.

    As for the song, I listened to it ONLY because of Hayley Williams. Too rap-ish for my taste.

  2. That's great that your parents were ok with you going to prom with John. My prom was definitely one of the best nights of my life- although I went with a girl.

  3. Good Golly, Miss Molly!! Hey, that's a relief!! You're lucky to have understanding parents, Anton... It sounds like prom went pretty much as expected... I hope you thanked John for his part- he's a good friend!! luv, tman<3

  4. Congrats on coming out and I'm glad you enjoyed most of prom

  5. Congratulations on coming out to the 'rents! I'm glad to hear you had fun at prom, even if you're not the boy for John. You are for someone out there! ^_^

  6. 500 Days of Summer is such a beautiful film!! I love it so much!! I think its great because it's more like real life, in that its a love story that doesn't end happy... maybe that just me being emo...
    But anywho! You're out!! That's yet another sucessful outtage!!! Well done! It takes courage but its totally worth it, am I right?
    Love love love, Jack :)