Friday, April 9, 2010

Back to 49... =/

Meh! one of my followers left. it was sad. Oh well...

Anyways, about the money situation. Thanks for the advice. I had resolved a long time ago to break all financial ties with my parents when I'm 18. I will close my current bank account and start one of my own and all of that. Until then i will hoard all my cash in my room and lock it up. This whole thing has really given me a wake up call to get a job, and i will start applying Sunday.
Earlier i did tell my mom that i was needing to withdraw $100 or so for prom stuff just to see her reaction. She said she would just give me the money so i didn't have to go through the bother of going to the bank. FUCKING BITCH! gah, she pisses me off so much! Oh well... 2 months till I'm 18.

I wasn't supposed to post tonight cuz i was gonna sleep over at my friends but her dads an ass and kicked us out... so here i am. I did have a very good evening though. I spent most of it with John and other friends. (and Dolphin and Turtle are back together!!!) We were getting along better than ever. He is really excited for prom too and i am keeping my fingers crossed that some magic will happen on prom night... WHICH IS IN A WEEK!!!! He also talked a lot about some of those things that make me jealous/envious /sad. I may be in danger of falling for him as hard as i did late last year again. Its really hard and i cant wait for coffee Sunday to talk to my friends and stuff.

One of my friends is also in the process of fucking up her life or is at least on the slippery slope of doing so. It takes all my will power to talk to her but i don't want to be emotionally involved. I'm an ass and i don't really care. People should know better and be smarter. NOT MY PROBLEM!!!

I also have some new answers on formspring. ASK MORE! or not... i don't care, i just like answering things.


  1. Ok the whole hiding money in your room? Yeah, if you get a job and your bank account doesn't go up, she will know you are holding your money, and will search your room. So start looking for weird and not obvious places to hide your money. My mom used to steal from me as well. I'll tell you the three places she never found my money and I know she was looking because I would put ones in other places and they would always disappear.... Ok, get one of those large envelopes with the little metal taps that you bend to close it, and pull out one of your drawers and tape it to the bottom of it. Just make sure that it doesn't rub on anything when you open and close the drawer cause that will alert her as to where your hiding it. Cut a small slit into the fabric covering the bottom of the box springs and slip it up in there again in an envelope. And in the heater duct, Just sew a sturdy string into the neck of a sock and tie it around one of the fins. Pull the sock neck tight with the string and then drop it down. Dont use an envelope, because when the furnace or air conditioning turns on, it makes a rustling sound. I put a roll of pennies in the bottom of the sock to hold it still. Hope this helps! Good Luck on Prom!

  2. So back to fifty.... ha I usually read all the back posts before i like select someone to follow... but on what i have read... i like... so done! Prom night like awesome!

  3. Biki... OMG!! you crack me up!! Great hiding places!! Are you sure you're not a CIA operative?? lol Well, I never had to be that creative with hiding my money- I just put it in my savings account... but, I did hide my little pictures of my boy crushes in the backrest of an upholstered chair that I had in my room... I then forgot completely about them when I went off into my military service and adult life.... Years later, I went into my old bedroom that was now a storage room in my parents home and I saw the chair there...(Mom never throws things away... ), and I remembered the hiding place... The little pictures were still there, after all those years... It was really weird to find them and look at them luv, tman<3

  4. Thank you Charlie! I happy you have liked what you have read so far.
    And Biki, you have to be one of the cleverest money hiders ever! I will keep some of it in a locked up metal box that I have, but I think I will follow through with all of your ideas! I have learned its best not to keep all of your money eggs in one basket.