Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post... of 2009 (even though it actually turned 2010 while i was typing this...)

Hey guys!!!!

Here we are, at the end of one of the most interesting years, for me at least. We saw Obama take office (which I spent months of volunteering on his campaign for), the king of pop gave his final performance and we witnessed the "Miracle on the Hudson," among many other extraordinary things. I personally got my 1st car, visited Washington DC and New Orleans for the first time, battled my father and his alcoholism... twice, fell in love with someone who doesn't have reciprocated feelings, started my blog and above all, realized for sure i was gay and came out to my friends.

My last day of this roller coaster of a year, and my last day in Utah =( ended with me spending time with my closest friends, and truly discovering what they mean to me. I think my return home will be harder this time then most others because of this... but i find it to be a good thing, along with sad. The worst part of the day was a VERY close call while driving home from dinner. Some douche almost pulled into us and I would have been hit on the passenger side if we were pushed over even another inch. But I lived and have another whole year ahead of me that i have to worry about surviving now!

Humanity as a whole has many struggles to face and I too can foresee troubles in the year to come in my own life. But I think i am in an adequate mind set to deal wit it though. So to you, 2010, i say: "Bring it Bitch!" haha

Hope your year goes well, and remember, we are all gonna be dealing with it TOGETHER.

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