Friday, December 18, 2009

Hey! so today was my first day off for break and it was kinda boring. I mostly just sat around the house thinking about life and love and all that good stuff that ends up making me slightly depressed.
Tomorrow will hopefully be a lot better. I'm planing on going to a party or at least a movie with some friends and doing something fun.

So i was wondering if there is anything you guys wanna know about me? It can be whatever; personal, stupid, anything. but id like to answer any questions you might have about me... if there are any, that is. haha


  1. Hallo Anton,

    Heres a few questions:

    Have you always lived in N.M., U.S.A.?

    Do you like living there?

    Have you had the chance to travel much?

    Do you have interests such as hobbies? Sports? Arts?

    Do you have a supportive family? Friends?

    What do you do for fun?

    Maybe that will get you started. Blogs take a while to build. One of the best is Josh's "Always Hard" blog (his link is on my page). He really has a charming way of telling the world about his life.

    Sometimes writing about yourself takes practice. You might read some of his blog for inspiration. So far you're doing great!

    Cheers Tristan

  2. Hey Anton

    OK, here are some questions: 1. Are you gay or bi? 2. do you have a BF/GF? 3. What is your fav food? 4. What are some hobbies? 5. What is your fav music?


  3. You said in your (about me) that you were recently outed, who outed you and why?