Monday, December 21, 2009

1 Week!

Hey guys! Had a good day learning to dance to Single Ladies with some of my friends and tomorrow were gonna go out and have fun on the town haha. I've been blogging for a whole week today! I think its really good for me and it has made me a lot happier. It really cheers me up seeing your comments, even if its just one or two. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have given me! you guys are great!
<3 Anton


  1. Hehe, my ex loved to dance that at bars with his two best friends, they were hilarious.

    Took me a while to get to your blog, sorry about that, but well a -delayed- welcome to blogging and a HUMONGOUS hug, I´m so sorry about all the shit you´re dealing with atm, wish there could be anything I could do for YOU, so if there is feel always free to ask for anything, if I can ask for something it would be for a msn account to reach you in. Anyways, hope you get more fun posting and oh, have you seen avatar? heard the third time you see it is the best, lol.

    Take care and be goood


  2. It feels good to say what ever you need to doesn't it? Now get outa here and have some fun! Be sure to let us know how it went:)