Saturday, December 26, 2009


Hey guys! had i fun day! I did some shopping and got some cute new clothes. =)
This evening i went to the Mormon temple and see the x-mas lights with a couple friends and we were all emo-ed out and i had guy liner on and looked pretty amazing if i do say so myself! haha. I got sooooo many dirty looks and had a good time.
Don't think I'm intolerant and trying to insult them or anything, i just grew up with them and don't like them for their strong anti-gay rights stance. I think it would be amazing to get a bunch of gay couples to make out on Temple property and have a gay rights rally right on their door step. I'm Still pissed off about the Prop 8 thing in Cali. (if you didn't know the Mormon church was the source if 1/3 of the anti-Prop 8 money)
So anyways, that was my political statement for the week, and I had a great time! =)


  1. I don't know much about mormons, but I think they can more than 1 wife I think. Maybe that is why they don't like us very much. I'm not sure.

    It would be kinda funny to make out at their building tho. Hahahaha. But don't do it. I don't want you to get into trouble.

    do you talk on Yahoo at all? It would be fun to talk to you.

    PS. I want to see a pic of you in your EMOW glory. Hahahahahahaha.

  2. haha, I plan on doing it if I can find someone to make out with! Most mormons dont really do the whole multiple wives thing anymore... but there are a few of em out there.
    I dont talk on Yahoo but i will most likely start soon and i will let you know if i do.
    And i didn't take any pics last night but im planing on emo-ing out again soon and when i do i will put it up on the blog...