Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Man Period?

Today was ok. I saw Avatar for like the 3rd time and spent some quality time with my godmother. This evening one of my friends had a bit of a self-esteem breakdown (something I'm familiar too) and I helped her get over it by telling her some things i thought she needed/deserved to know and in the process discovered some new stuff about myself (in particular my feelings).

I have also begun doing this thing i do every month or two, which is, my emotions get the better of me and become stronger and more out of control then normal. Hence the title of this post... haha. A lot of it may have to do with stuff i mentioned in yesterdays post, but as long as i talk things out and focus on distractions it shouldn't last too long.

Tomorrow should be super busy which will be a very good thing. I enjoy being busy. I am also going to start formulating my new years resolutions and make sure i follow them this time!

Hope you had a good day! ~Anton


  1. If you are on now, you should find me on Yahoo.

  2. man period. i totally think this exists. although mine come a little more often than once a month. i call it bipolar, but i like the way you put it. about new years resolutions, i've gotta do some thinking on that myself. paz, justin

  3. Joey, sorry! i promise i will talk to you more when i get home and have less distractions!

    And good luck with your new years resolutions Justin! I never follow through with them, but im determined to this year!!! haha