Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snowy Days, Card Games and Belated Holidays

Today was pretty amazing. I had a relaxing morning and then this afternoon we (my godmother and I) had about 10 people over for an intense card game. I saw a ton of people i haven seen in 6 months and had fun getting my ass kicked! lol. This evening we went to this beautiful house owned be a very well known and connected local artist and activist. We go over there every year for their Hanukkah celebrations, and even though I'm not religious in any way, it is still a nice thing to do.

We also got like 4 inches of snow today which i LOVED! The city is absolutly beautiful right now.

I am in the process of mentally preparing myself for going home in 2 days and getting ready to deal with all the shit that goes on there. I should be busy all day tomorrow having fun, so I should get a bit more emotionally/mentally centered which is something i worked on today.

Oh, I also hope to have a profile set up on this one website i found out about where people can ask anonymous questions that i can respond to. It sounded kinda fun...

Anyways, have a good last day of 2009 tomorrow!!!
~Anton =)


  1. I thought New Mexico was warm an didn't get much snow.

    See you next year. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! I'm getting ready for a great new year's Eve, but wanted to tell you I'd be effn happy to exchange links. Message me on msn and we can chat sometime!

    Take care and have a great night!

  3. Sounds good! thanks.

    And im in Utah right now visiting some old friends and stuff, thats why there is so much snow. New Mexico doesnt get that much... =/