Monday, December 27, 2010


Hello! so I am leaving tomorrow for Utah and I will be gone for 2 weeks. I dont know if I will post at all during that time, but I might. I have stuff set to post itself on my tumblr though.
Yesterday was nice I suppose. We went to a nice restaurant and the Bodies Exhibit for my dads birthday. Today is his actual birthday and he is currently spending it in the waiting room while my mother gets ankle surgery. 9this her like, 13th joint surgery. I went to lunch with my friend and later I am gonna go babysit my friends while they try shrooms. I'm pretty much done backing at this point, but like usual, I know there are like 5 things I'm forgetting.
Anyways, if I don't post for a while, everyone have a good New Years!!!!


  1. Same to you, Anton! Enjoy your two weeks in Utah!

    Happy New Year!
    Peace <3

  2. Oops, a little late here, but have fun in Utah! (well as much fun as anyone *can* have in Utah...)